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pt 2 when i met GOD

pt 2 i have went over things with these guys i have not told you about. if you don’t understand please ask i will fill you in.


about a month later was my first visit of the angels. they would be standing over me when i woke up during the night. they would say one or two words and disappear. my heart would be beating out of my chest, fear would over take me, couldn’t breath and couldn’t go back sleep and nobody believed a word i said. went to the preachers and priests. they told me to go away, went to my trusted friends and they went away. all i had was the truth, it was happening and it was happening to me. my sons stood by my side to this day. i told them everything i thought kids their age could handle. they got use to it after a while, well dad, what did the angels say last night, so it went.


then i began to be able to listen and understand. the angels took me everywhere. outer space, ice caps that were melting, back to my childhood and into my future. i always wondered why are they doing all this, and yes in the beginning i would yell at them, in the name of JESUS leave, i would ask did Jesus walk in the flesh. i would pray for thirty straight mins. GOD make them go away, for months this went on. i came real close to losing my mind a few times. doing it alone is more than i could take at times, i even went so far as to check into the hospital, i wasn’t 100% sure i hadn’t lost my mind, i was only a 100% sure it wasn’t going to stop. these angels call themselves the staff, as in thy rod and thy staff they comfort you. it was all backed up by the bible. just a lot more details. i even had a argument with a preacher about the rod and staff thing, this guy really believes they (Shepard’s) walked around with two sticks, one with a curve and one without. come on man, less not be stupid. out i went, again. i went to church after church challenging these guys with what i learned. i mean i got to know them and then the staff would say ask him this. i would, they would give some silly answer and i would correct them, man did this make them mad. the answers made since and they knew it. my sons in tow the whole time. i would say this is what happened to Paul and all the rest of the guys.


so it went for a while, then the old nagging question why me? why are y’all showing me all this and why is everyone mad at me. then they started showing me terrible things, animals eating people, people killing each other, mass panic. i don’t want to see that kind of stuff, then they took me to china and showed me the anti-christ and his sidekick. they asked what do you want to do? what do you mean? it’s the end chip, this thing is over, what thing? I’m kinda slow, huh? the truth is i knew it and didn’t want to believe it. how can the only thing you know be over? i went into shutdown mode. stop eating, couldn’t sleep. i was afraid, really afraid. GOD sent a person into my life to help me cope. i realized this wasn’t a bad things so much as it needs to stop. people have to be warned, we got to give them a fighting chance. evil is taking over. good people are going bad because they don’t know any better. they watch what they see around them and then do the same thing. it’s wrong, dead wrong. never do you throw the mother or father into the street and call it good. the preachers are to worried about the money to stand up, either that or they don’t know themselves. i don’t buy the ladder. greedy bastards are selling their very soul



when i met GOD pt1

i had to break this doc in half. i have been sharing my experience’s with a group of people on a Christian blog. if you have any questions feel free to ask. the angels asked me to contact you in case you’re wondering. here is how i met GOD… i wrote this back in Nov. 2010


well i have told little pieces here and there. there is a lot to tell. first off, i didn’t believe it myself. i would never say something i didn’t believe was 100% true. you would have to know me personally to understand that. the one thing i had being dead broke was my word. i made my word worth something very early in my life. my friends would say if chip said it “bet the house”. that’s all i have, my word.

as far as saying GOD said something, and said it to me. i fear GOD. i found GOD in my life. when i stole, i got caught. when i lied, the truth was told, etc. i knew something was watching. i never got away with anything it seemed. these people on TV. they will say anything. GOD said this, GOD said that. they have not met the GOD i did, in my life. the GOD i understood will kick your butt and not just one day, but for a solid month. i would say, OK GOD i get it, I’m sorry and mean it, and not do it anymore. i fear him! as i grew older i began to see why or how GOD was right. a man took my wife, the pain this man caused was so great i didn’t want to live. i understood…there are enough single women that a man doesn’t need to take a man wife. that man got some kind of pleasure out of the fact she was mine. now we see evil. evil is the willing/understanding of one’s deeds. sin is doing it out of stupidity. Jesus died for the stupid if you will. i have done very bad things not understanding how it was bad, it wasn’t until it was done to me. did i grasp what i did. even when it is done unjustly, it must be punish. so in times of dismay i checked myself. what am or what did i do. is GOD teaching me or punishing me. this is how i spent my life. i found a talk path in life itself…


after my second wife did the same thing, left with another man did i question myself and what i understood. after watching the history channel on there isn’t a GOD week, did i decide i wasn’t going to stay here anymore. i was going to die and by my own hand. my plan was set and a few hours from now the pain would end. i fell into a deep sleep right then. i came too being lead by a female holding me by the right arm. pushing or pulling me in the direction of a large room that i could see the outline of a door frame, the walls were a light yellow. as we got closer to the door opening i began to feel this mist falling on me, it wasn’t wet, it was the feeling of love. the closer we got the heavier it became. it is literally raining love.i thought this isn’t possible. the feeling of love is landing on my shin. i knowist it was between my toes, in the crack of my butt, under my underarms, inside my ears, everywhere. this feeling only became more intense the closer we got. the best way i can describe it is the feeling you get when you see a puppy. that pure love inside you. well somehow this pure love is raining on my shin. as we continued it became so strong it had weight to it. man this is crazy, then we stopped about five foot short of the door. i was taken in this shower of pure love, wow. a couple min or so. then a voice spoke, a man’s voice, he said very clearly. ” I SUPPORT WHAT YOU CHOSE”

I came too laying face up in my bed. it’s about 4:00 o’clock in the morning. i sprang up, i had never been so happy in all my life. IT’S TRUE, IT’S ALL TRUE. THERE IS A GOD!!! my two sons were asleep on the other side of the trailer we were renting. i couldn’t wait for it to be time for them to get up so i could tell them. they were 11 and 12. in fact today is my oldest son birthday, he is 16 and Monday my other son will be 15. that was July 31 2006. i woke them and told them i just met GOD and he loves us deeply. they didn’t know what to think and went back to bed. i stayed up for the next five days straight. full of joy. as time passed things got back to normal as they could.


when i was 17

 hello, i would like to share a story with those who care. you’ll soon see all i have told you is true.
when i was 17 going to high school in Atlanta Ga. one night after getting off work i stopped at a local convenient store to unwind by playing a few games, it was about 1:00 am in the morning. i worked for fast food chain called Hardy’s. well i stopped at the store and a man whom i had never seen approached me and called me by my name. i wondered who he was and how he knew my name, anyway he began to talk. i was trying to get rid of him because i had one-quarter and wanted to play a video game, which i had done hundreds of times before at that very 7-11. so i walked off, over to where the little game room was. i put my quarter in and began to play. i lost very quickly that night which was very usual, because i was good at the games. when i begun to leave disappointed, the man told me to play one of the other games. i looked over and there were 6 credits on the machine, i thought this was strange because i checked all the games before putting my quarter in hoping someone had left a credit one of the games by accident. as i began to play the credits, i thought to myself i wished the credits were on the other machine, because i was better at that game than this one i was playing. the man leaned over and said to me play it then. remember this was only a thought. i looked over to the final machine and to my surprise there were 6 credits on that machine also.   fear tore though me, what is going on here? who is this man? i knew the # 6 was a bad number! i froze in panic, fear, what only seemed to be a couple of Min’s turned into over an hour. i know this because the person working at the store came over and shock me and ask what was my problem? i said what do you mean? he said you have been staring at that game for over an hour now. he said i needed to play or leave! i asked him if he seen the man standing, talking, with me? he said there has been no one here this whole time but he and i. how could this be? anyway trying to figure all this out in my head i began to play the credits, wondering if my mind had made all this up some how. i played five of the six credits. i chose not to play the six credit just in case it was true and the devil had tempted me? thinking that kind of stuff only happens in movies, after all where was he now, the man?
then i walked outside towards my purple car, (yes i am the only guy i have ever met to own a purple car. a painter guy painted it primer gray, but that night it rained and the next morning the car was purple. this was in 1982) while walking to my car “the guy” appeared again and said he could give me anything i wanted. he pointed to my car and said how about a new car? at this time the fear came rushing back. some female voices began talking to me inside my head, telling me not to take anything this guy offered, that he would only lie and deceive me. by this time at was standing next to my car. I PUT BOTH MY HANDS ON THE HOOD OF MY PURPLE CAR AND SAID VERY CLEARLY AND VERY LOUD, I’LL TAKE THIS CAR AND GOD!!! when i turned to see if the devil understood my choice. he was gone…
i rushed home by now its three in the morning and i have high school class in less than 5 hours. i went into my parents bedroom and woke my mother up to tell her what just happen. before i could tell her the whole story, she rushed me off to bed. as if she didn’t believe me or didn’t care. don’t know which? here is her telephone number 770-***-0613 her name is dot griffin. call and ask her if this really happened? so i went to school the next day thinking this sort of thing must happen to everyone at some point in their lives. soon to be forgot.
after meeting these angels, jump ahead 30 years, to the present, July 31 2006, i met GOD and then began to meet those who work for him, ANGELS, once i was no longer afraid of them. i ask them about that night. they stated that GOD was there and knew the choice I had made, for a long time after that event (the night) i was afraid of every good thing that came my way, thinking the devil might be trying to trick me or something. shortly after the event my mother (GOD) painted my car royal blue for a grad. present.
I tell you the truth, who could make up such a story? other crazy things happen during my life i couldn’t explain and who can you ask???
the angels said others have had the same thing happen to them, the choice, and THEY made the wrong one? I asked them who? they only gave me few names. two are tom cruise and Micheal Richards, both America movie stars. other are the ones who you call the elite, they have sold their souls and work for the devil, that old snake. they want to make us all their slaves. the plan is in place and is being played out right before our eyes. the whole system is fixing to fail, as planned. i am here to help those who want help…
I CHOSE GOD, did you hear me?

WHY DID ALL THIS HAPPEN? because we are at the end, folks. the end of the world. this is no joke i assure you. i am one of the two end-time WITNESSES.
this summer will be the last good summer  of your lives, things are going to get real bad this summer and by Oct. 31 2014 be in full swing. as surely as the lord lives i tell you the truth!
we have to get ready, some of us will make it until the real rapture of  2016. a mark is going to be giving to every man, woman, and child on the planet. YOU MUST REFUSE THIS MARK!!! it will be giving through a vaccination, yes a trick, a shot. don’t believe me now, but soon you will see it for yourself. this mark will later be used to buy and sell, without it you will not be able to! hen things get worst and people become willing to listen i will come here to WordPress  and give you instructions that will save your soul…until then pray and ask GOD for guildness…
As GOD as my witness i tell you the truth!!!  Chip Griffin  8-14-11

this is just part of the story. the end is here. the best we can do is to prepare. i can prove all i say.  the angels have given me dates of earthquakes and other events, which have come to pass. i will give more details in the following posts…

chip griffin

   hi my name is chip griffin, i’m 48, with two sons, 17 chance and 18 chase. i am going to post some of my writtings above dreams and vision given to me from GOD. some or most of my writting are just that, my writtings. 

   whom ever finds these writtings, i hope they do you some good. i would like to hear either way, good or bad. what are your thoughts? my spelling and grammar are very poor, i already know this, please don’t remind me… my email is