pt 2 when i met GOD

pt 2 i have went over things with these guys i have not told you about. if you don’t understand please ask i will fill you in.


about a month later was my first visit of the angels. they would be standing over me when i woke up during the night. they would say one or two words and disappear. my heart would be beating out of my chest, fear would over take me, couldn’t breath and couldn’t go back sleep and nobody believed a word i said. went to the preachers and priests. they told me to go away, went to my trusted friends and they went away. all i had was the truth, it was happening and it was happening to me. my sons stood by my side to this day. i told them everything i thought kids their age could handle. they got use to it after a while, well dad, what did the angels say last night, so it went.


then i began to be able to listen and understand. the angels took me everywhere. outer space, ice caps that were melting, back to my childhood and into my future. i always wondered why are they doing all this, and yes in the beginning i would yell at them, in the name of JESUS leave, i would ask did Jesus walk in the flesh. i would pray for thirty straight mins. GOD make them go away, for months this went on. i came real close to losing my mind a few times. doing it alone is more than i could take at times, i even went so far as to check into the hospital, i wasn’t 100% sure i hadn’t lost my mind, i was only a 100% sure it wasn’t going to stop. these angels call themselves the staff, as in thy rod and thy staff they comfort you. it was all backed up by the bible. just a lot more details. i even had a argument with a preacher about the rod and staff thing, this guy really believes they (Shepard’s) walked around with two sticks, one with a curve and one without. come on man, less not be stupid. out i went, again. i went to church after church challenging these guys with what i learned. i mean i got to know them and then the staff would say ask him this. i would, they would give some silly answer and i would correct them, man did this make them mad. the answers made since and they knew it. my sons in tow the whole time. i would say this is what happened to Paul and all the rest of the guys.


so it went for a while, then the old nagging question why me? why are y’all showing me all this and why is everyone mad at me. then they started showing me terrible things, animals eating people, people killing each other, mass panic. i don’t want to see that kind of stuff, then they took me to china and showed me the anti-christ and his sidekick. they asked what do you want to do? what do you mean? it’s the end chip, this thing is over, what thing? I’m kinda slow, huh? the truth is i knew it and didn’t want to believe it. how can the only thing you know be over? i went into shutdown mode. stop eating, couldn’t sleep. i was afraid, really afraid. GOD sent a person into my life to help me cope. i realized this wasn’t a bad things so much as it needs to stop. people have to be warned, we got to give them a fighting chance. evil is taking over. good people are going bad because they don’t know any better. they watch what they see around them and then do the same thing. it’s wrong, dead wrong. never do you throw the mother or father into the street and call it good. the preachers are to worried about the money to stand up, either that or they don’t know themselves. i don’t buy the ladder. greedy bastards are selling their very soul



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