when i met GOD pt1

i had to break this doc in half. i have been sharing my experience’s with a group of people on a Christian blog. if you have any questions feel free to ask. the angels asked me to contact you in case you’re wondering. here is how i met GOD… i wrote this back in Nov. 2010


well i have told little pieces here and there. there is a lot to tell. first off, i didn’t believe it myself. i would never say something i didn’t believe was 100% true. you would have to know me personally to understand that. the one thing i had being dead broke was my word. i made my word worth something very early in my life. my friends would say if chip said it “bet the house”. that’s all i have, my word.

as far as saying GOD said something, and said it to me. i fear GOD. i found GOD in my life. when i stole, i got caught. when i lied, the truth was told, etc. i knew something was watching. i never got away with anything it seemed. these people on TV. they will say anything. GOD said this, GOD said that. they have not met the GOD i did, in my life. the GOD i understood will kick your butt and not just one day, but for a solid month. i would say, OK GOD i get it, I’m sorry and mean it, and not do it anymore. i fear him! as i grew older i began to see why or how GOD was right. a man took my wife, the pain this man caused was so great i didn’t want to live. i understood…there are enough single women that a man doesn’t need to take a man wife. that man got some kind of pleasure out of the fact she was mine. now we see evil. evil is the willing/understanding of one’s deeds. sin is doing it out of stupidity. Jesus died for the stupid if you will. i have done very bad things not understanding how it was bad, it wasn’t until it was done to me. did i grasp what i did. even when it is done unjustly, it must be punish. so in times of dismay i checked myself. what am or what did i do. is GOD teaching me or punishing me. this is how i spent my life. i found a talk path in life itself…


after my second wife did the same thing, left with another man did i question myself and what i understood. after watching the history channel on there isn’t a GOD week, did i decide i wasn’t going to stay here anymore. i was going to die and by my own hand. my plan was set and a few hours from now the pain would end. i fell into a deep sleep right then. i came too being lead by a female holding me by the right arm. pushing or pulling me in the direction of a large room that i could see the outline of a door frame, the walls were a light yellow. as we got closer to the door opening i began to feel this mist falling on me, it wasn’t wet, it was the feeling of love. the closer we got the heavier it became. it is literally raining love.i thought this isn’t possible. the feeling of love is landing on my shin. i knowist it was between my toes, in the crack of my butt, under my underarms, inside my ears, everywhere. this feeling only became more intense the closer we got. the best way i can describe it is the feeling you get when you see a puppy. that pure love inside you. well somehow this pure love is raining on my shin. as we continued it became so strong it had weight to it. man this is crazy, then we stopped about five foot short of the door. i was taken in this shower of pure love, wow. a couple min or so. then a voice spoke, a man’s voice, he said very clearly. ” I SUPPORT WHAT YOU CHOSE”

I came too laying face up in my bed. it’s about 4:00 o’clock in the morning. i sprang up, i had never been so happy in all my life. IT’S TRUE, IT’S ALL TRUE. THERE IS A GOD!!! my two sons were asleep on the other side of the trailer we were renting. i couldn’t wait for it to be time for them to get up so i could tell them. they were 11 and 12. in fact today is my oldest son birthday, he is 16 and Monday my other son will be 15. that was July 31 2006. i woke them and told them i just met GOD and he loves us deeply. they didn’t know what to think and went back to bed. i stayed up for the next five days straight. full of joy. as time passed things got back to normal as they could.



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