If someone were to ask me where I found GOD, I would tell them I found him in my sorrow, in my pain, in the emptiest places in my life. I remember laying there wishing for death and something inside me would say, “it is not over yet”. I would look around and say there is nothing here, I’ve looked everywhere. The voice would say it is a few days away just hold on. In that moment I found enough hope to stay another min, somehow I would strength it into months if need be. Never, before, it was too late would I give up. I would equate it to being underwater just about to run out of breath. Your mouth being forced to open, to gasp for air. I would always make it to the top, if you will. The timing was impeccable.
I would get to know this voice well and call on him often, never quite sure if it was I or he talking, but a trust, a relationship developed, and a bond was made. Through the darkest nights we would travel, never understanding why I was going through what I was going through, but knew it was necessary for my training somehow, yet I knew not what I was training for.
I would see the perfection of this place, in people, in their smiles, in the sounds of singer’s voices, etc. I thought I was digging deep, yet had barely touched the surface. If you people understood the great lengths GOD has gone to putting just one single life together you might understand his love.
I was taken to heaven and hell to be shown the whole story, not to look around and report back what I have seen, but to understand the task that lay ahead of me. I must come against a power and a much smart group of people and threw my words reach a few ears. I believe I have done that here and many other places. I write this today for no real reason other than I sit and wait again. The world has fooled many people and even the best of them would be fooled if not for the hand of GOD, it truly reaches down and saves a few, he chose us, just as he said.
I haven’t given up on any here or there, but after taking a long hard look. I realize it will all fall into place as it always has. If you don’t give up, you will make it. Keep your conversion real with GOD and he will keep his real with you. It is a two way street. The angels have cut us both some slack for now and thank goodness because I have given about all there was of me to give. I know most see me as some kind of nut. I mean just look how many people are out here claiming to be this and that. It is a bit overwhelming for even me sometimes. I question myself often, but I always fall back on my life for the real answer and I always find them there. Not one of the so called prophets out here can say what I do and have said from day one. I turned the devil down and took the hardest road known to me. The road was full of wisdom, but at the time it was full of hateful people. The wisdom is better seen looking back, not while traveling the route.
When times get tuff for me, I put my head down and grab on to the back of Jesus robe, it always works for me. When your road gets hard try it. I will write and check in when I can. Put my two cents in, while we wait for the coming storm. We will ride this thing out together and we all will make it. That’s his promise, not mine. Till then, have a great day…


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