At the dawn of my 7th year

At the dawn of my 7th year, I am beginning to understand many things. GOD said I support what you chose, thinking the answer to only one question was being asked, it turns out it’s the question or the answer being ask at the beginning to every question. My choice, but remember the answer will come with much thought. The reward or suffering lay on the end of each answer.
He is a fair GOD, but to be well understood much focus is needed. To understand what he is showing takes great amounts of time and effort, when my heart only want to play, knowing the day for play will come, but this day is upon me is a time of work.
All my dreams and visions have the possible to come from either source, good or evil. To understand the answer and next move I understand the mind of GOD, his heart is good and well-trained in his discipline, his work eckit far surpasses any person I have ever seen, his willing to meet me on any ground keeps me coming back to the sound of his voice. I long to be like him, my mentor, my friend, my father.
I have grown to understand the great of them all and my willing to please him still grows after all these years, far longer than the 7 I have spent getting to know the man. He is hard but fair, has yet to not pad my fall, there have been many, his helping hand waiting for me to want to walk again, and then I feel his gentle nudge. His hard nature keeps my tears at bay as the winter winds blow, only when I fall to I feel his voice with the power to raise the dead and many times I have been just that, the dead.
Thank you sir, ready to learn, still hard of hearing, but ready for the coming winds that will blow. Take me into the night, keep the light just bright enough to see each step, if only one at a time…


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