How did the USA go from the best country in the world to the worst in one generation? Well for one, it has taken more than one generation, (to stay biblically accurate, which is the true litmus test) the final leg happened coming out of ww2. After the second detonation of the atomic bomb on japan, that put the US in the driver’s seat!
Hitler went to great lengths to make contact with the alien’s (fallen angels, kicked out of heaven) but only had success meeting the ones who were sent to him during the night and in his dreams. It was there he learned of this great and mighty army, great and mighty by their numbers only and of course having powers that seemed godlike. He was told they live in a waterless place beneath the earth’s crust and he spent a lot of time and money trying to reach them. Hoping with their help he would win the war, some even claim it was with them he made his escape and never shot himself. (Google it if you need proof) He also spent a bunch of time and money trying to retrieve any and all relics that belonged to JESUS. (You may Google that also, these are facts) Hitler was not an atheist as the state ran media and world leaders would like you to believe. In fact in one of his filmed interviews he openly stated that he worked for the stronger god of the two. He claimed he would rein for a 1000 years through rebirth. Those were his words.
JESUS also states in the bible. JESUS will rule with an iron fist.
Revelation 20:4
And I saw thrones and they that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them. And I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast, nor his image, nor had received his mark upon their foreheads or on their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

The fallen angels knew Hitler was just a fall guy and he would go on to lose the war, so they stayed just out of reach, but encouraged him to do all the horrible acts he did to the Jews and the rest of mankind by killing of hundreds of millions of animals and humans also trillions of dollars’ worth of damage to the worlds infrastructure. These acts setting the stage for the last generation.
Allowing women to leave their homes by putting them to work in the factories to build the war machines. Knowing that after the war the rich and powerful would use this so called freedom (right) to empower their fall. Women’s liberation pushed their agenda’s worldwide demanding equal rights and pay, etc. The apple in the garden once again, and did they fall or follow, however you wish to say it.
The greatest and final straw on humanity would be technology. Add Rosie the Riveter 1942 the factory workers, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Stephen hawking and the mix is world changing to world ending. The part of the story that has been left out that history will fill in, is the part our government allowed the fallen angels to play and labeled it top secret and many times for eyes only. Leaving no trace whatsoever for those who would follow in the Senate and House of Representatives, all the way to the highest offices in the land, even above our president.
The black projects, in the United States, a black project is in the vernacular a highly classified military/defense project, unacknowledged publicly by the government, military personnel, and defense contractors. Examples of U.S. military aircraft developed as black projects include the F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft and the b-2 spirit stealth bomber, both of which were highly classified and denied to exist until ready to be announced to the public, just to name a couple. . (Google Phil Schneider)
In the United States the formal term is special access program (SAP).
It was from here our technology comes or came. (Apple computers) Yea they put real men and women names on the projects that have been released to the world, but the truth is very different. Right about the time ww2 was wrapping up the fallen ones allowed some of their aircraft to be downed or better terms were staged wrenches of aircrafts.(Roswell New Mexico 1947) Also lucky are we that even a few of the flight crew managed to live and lead the way to the others who lived underground and were more than willing to help our chosen few (top generals and Gov. officials) know the secret’s to how this technology works, but for a price.(the early days were helping them build underground using our above ground materials) The price would become far more than any of us were prepare to pay. We were not asked if we cared to participate, we being the American public or the world for that matter. It wasn’t until later on did the cost become so high our leaders could not cover up these cost and past the laws to allow the Federal Reserve to begin loaning us the money. Removing accountability from our tracking system (banking system)
Accountability of any cost to black projects. The perfect fix with one major flaw! We were not in control of any of these projects, the aliens were. They began dictating what, when and where we would spend and how it would be spent. The aliens brought much more than just technology, they knew the future and from where it would come. Just point your telescopes to this cordialness and take a look. The end of our world staring them right in the face. A comet the size of??? This part I don’t know, the size that is. Wormwood (star) also called Apsinthos in the Book of Revelation, a star that falls upon Earth and poisons a third part of the waters.
Some other problems came with this, as members of the house and senate caught wind of our troubles they begin to blackmail each other allowing terms that we see today. 20 and 30 year terms with the technology to rig elections it went on at a fever pace. The final task was given to its leaders, elect Obama! This was given by the leaders of the aliens or fallen angels, the devil himself, one they have all come to know in different but the same way. A spirit that has the ability to take their lives at will if his orders are not followed to the letter. (9-11-2001). A few tested him and are no longer with the living. Our leaders and elected officials have been told wild and crazy stories about the solar system, mars, etc., GOD, and even himself. None of them true, the BIBLE STILL HOLDS THAT TRUTH, complete and untouched by man, just translated, like it or not. They (our leaders worldwide) bought every story hook, line, and sinker.
They have spent billions to build and prepare underground cities stocked to the teeth with food and supplies to last the duration of the direct hit. Power fail (not sure if there will be a direct hit, but maybe only a fly by. Japan being wormwood) they have built over 800 fema camps and signed all the needed new laws with the changes to house, kill, and control the remaining people with a mark placed inside each person. This mark having the ability to keep all records including bank account, medical, and class one holds in society, such as work details and where one should be at any given time, and the ability to change info remotely. This chip can and will alert them to any person out of place should the need arise. Making it possible to buy and sell without the need for cash. One last string is attached to this chip, it is a stain on your soul and anyone who gets this mark of the beast will not enter the wedding feast or heaven, as it clearly states for any of you who have yet to read the bible.
The only things I am missing at this point is which comes first, the mark or the comet, the power grid complete failure and an attack from Russian or china troops from our Texas border, and of course the failure of the stock market, my guess is it will all take place on or about the same time or date, all of the above is complete system failure. I gave the condense version to most of the stories above… all this to come to pass by or in the year 2017. When is the rapture of the church? After these days of tribulation, and before the day of his great wrath? After the 5 months of those being stung by the scorpion creatures, those who have the mark. Those able to watch or hear world news will hear about the two witnesses being killed in the great city, Jerusalem. After the 3 1/2 days of their bodies lying dead in the streets, the whole world giving and receiving gifts glad the two prophets were put to death. A GREAT EARTHQUAKE, this is when the rapture happens.
our government and the government official’s worldwide know of the coming destruction and have been preparing worldwide with the building of huge underground cities, collecting of seeds storing them underground also, etc. They have allowed the USA to print a never ending amount of cash using the Federal Reserve to hide the accountability of whom and what the money would be spent on. The world leaders have join hands in this final act in this last chapter of our story. They await the final one world rule under the control of a very few. There is no turning back, the show must and will go on as planned to the letter.
Each person carries his fate in his own hands. The MARK OF THE BEAST is the one mark or chip you must NOT, at any and all cost get! It dams your soul to abyss for forever. The fact I’m telling you this is proof of the bible’s creditability. Everything I have written can be checked and verified. I have seen all these being with my own two eyes. The devil and his crew are forcing our governments worldwide to put this mark into full operation by a preknown date. No, I do not know the date but I’m told to tell you and that is what I’m doing now. ALL WILL BE UP AND IN FULL WORKING ORDER by the time Obama is to leave office. I need you to plan a way out for you and your families. Have your plan ready the day is near…GODSPEED


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