some will wonder




For those of you who have wondered what you’re doing here and what life is all about. It is many things all wrap up in one thing called your life. It is meant to show you many things from every side of the coin. If any of you every knownist you have played every role from every side of the coin. Let me give you some easy examples. You have been on a date and been the third person, and you have been on a date and had a third person with your date, or you have been out and found a nice new girl, or you have been out and your friend found her. Well how did you act in all those different sernos. You should have learned from being the person from which others now stand.
Let me tell you about my childhood, we, my brother and I would go off to summer camp and when we returned, my stuff would have all been put away as if I wasn’t coming back. I would get mad and then they my family would say see you always cause problems. From a child’s point of view you don’t know what to believe so you just cry. My mother was world famous for saying you will understand when you grow up. Man I hoped she was right! Well as it turned out, she was right, but only my views grew stronger in my stance. Then I will change the world. A lot of things had to go very wrong, or well right for me to make the right decision that day the devil came. You see I didn’t want to rule in his world. I hated all he was!!! That is why I turned him down. There is a lot more to it, but that is the simple truth. Again if any of you meet my family in the days ahead. Do not hate them, do not use hard words. I love them. They did the job they were suppose too do, and did it well I might add.
As to the family structure, it is a well-oiled machine, both the one you grew up in and the one you now run. Everything worked out to teach you things you have yet to learn. By moving away or getting a new family, you just made the job harder and easier to quit. The goal will get accomplished just the same.
What yall see in the days ahead will not make much since; just know GOD is a just GOD and righteous in all his ways. Once you get a sit down and a good talk it will all make perfect sense. Trust him and try to figure out how he is right…this is the best way, he is right and even you will agree, even ole clown will agree…





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