How many of you have run a long distance race, or remember when you were young and you got the great idea to stay up all night. You started out strong and more than willing to endure the task ahead. We all sat around and talked until we ran out of things to say, we watched TV until all the channels were taken off the air. Then our numbers began to drop fast as soon as the true boredom sat in. just the still of the long dark night and those of us that were left, never more than two or three by four am.
This is when I would grow tired also. Kinda wishing I hadn’t agreed to the plan to start with, but now that it’s done let’s see how far we can go. Out of the two or three that were left one would always remember something that had to get done tomorrow and without sleep it wouldn’t get done or wouldn’t be much fun either.
So what, a deal is a deal, I would say! Who is the toughest man here? We are barely pushing nine years of age, but already trying to out man each other. From wheelies on our bicycles to jumping out of the tallest tree. Oh yea let’s not forget the classic, jumping across the biggest part of the creek. You must jump even if I fall in, deal? Ok it’s a deal! I would always jump even if my buddy was standing soaking wet trying to figure out what to tell his mother. Sometimes I made it and sometimes I didn’t, but every time my word was good. I gave it a try.
It used to make me so mad when one of my worthless friends would say, I ant going to try it, your soaking wet, IT’S TOO FAR! So what man, a deal is a deal, you must try and he wouldn’t. He fell off my ladder that day and never got back on it. I didn’t forget your words are crap and so are you. You’re no friend of mine. My brother was one of those worthless kinds, the few times he would agree.
It never failed it would always come down to me and one other guy. I would sometimes talk crap, like why do your eyes hurt so badly? Why don’t you try closing them for a few mins, or if you will lay completely flat with a nice soft pillow under your head it will be much easier. If they tried either I would declare victory in a few short mins. Off to fairytale land they would go.
The key to victory in this arena is to stay uncomfortable that alone will keep you awake. After all my wins I would encounter another problem. How do you prove who stayed awake the longest? The hard answer is to be awake when he wakes back up and that’s the way it usually went. An all-nighter and an all-day both. My brother and I as we grew older began the mega all-nighters, meaning we would call them hours without sleep and we would reach into 70 and 80 hours. Starting one morning whenever we woke up and not stop until one falls asleep. 11am to 11am is 24 hours, then 11am to 11am again is 48 hours and we would go until early the next morning most times. Day break of the third day is hard on the eyes and can be tough on the brain. These were the early days of me learning how to push myself willingly. Later I would learn how to endure because there was no other choice.
Well folks I said all that to say this. We have the all-nighters of all-nighters coming, add shortage of food, loss of close family member’s (to either refusal to partake or maybe even death or capture), and the comforts of modern life to the mix and you begin to see the challenges that stands before us. The chances of our success greatly improves when we surround ourselves with those we love and trust. I would even go so far as to say, that our only chance to endure the storms that lay ahead is with those we love around us daily. It is a must! There are very few who were as unlucky as me and were forced to endure alone. You have to figure out ways to bring these new problems up in conversion and begin working on the solutions as a team. A team effort is a must. Do it often letting them know you are really sure about what is coming. Sure it will make a few mad or uncomfortable, but what other choice is there?
The way the law reads is you must have the new mark by the said date. At least that is the way it reads as of now. If it stays that way we have our date. My guess is an event will happen and the time will change and a new “force” day will come right out of left field in the form of road blocks, executives order or other means. You must talk these types of POSSIBILITY over and work out what to do in case of. Then think of every POSSIBILITY and have a plan ready with everyone on board with, “this is what we will do when this happens”

Here is the link I hope it worked. All kidding aside, we must prepare our minds and our families, the day is coming. We must prepare to have a fighting chance! I don’t care who calls me a nut or whatever they wish. I am doing this to help you. I’ll take the heat; help yourself and your family and friends. If you truly love them then this will be the least you would do. It is very late in the day folks we are quickly running out of time. Just like 9-11-2001. They knew months, even years before that date in order to plan all the things down to the tiniest details. What and when to let the media tell to the public. Putting the explosion inside the 3 towers, record the fake messages of cell phones calls, death lists, flight paths and times, just to name a few.
Those who are still on the fence, answer one question, how did building 7 fall? Find that answer and you have found the truth.
Those who think my friends and I only bring fear, I’m sorry you feel that way and you have chosen to close your eyes to the list of proofs our government has gone rouge. Please respect others free will. I don’t mind people airing their beliefs, but please air them only once. Having a paid account I can block post. I choose not to, just as Jesus answered every question brought to him, I hope to do the same. I must add, I bring information from beings not from this earth and that I trust them fully. At some point my guess is I will be banned from this site also. Once the governments tell them to ban me they will maybe even before. They trust the money system of this world and will do whatever needed to protect this flow of wealth. At this point I’m still making them money and as of yet have not become a big enough threat, that will change. I have an account on you can contue following my posts there when this fails permitly. Or you can write me off as mentally unstable and take your chances with the rest of them. I will not pay for anything you do. I will be held 100% accountable for every word I utter and every action I take, either good or bad, and so will you. Remember that.


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