proof of GOD

   I ask you, can I reason with you? Once reasoned with, will you admit the facts are just overwhelming?

This could not just come to be, but a powerful mind sat and thought this through until its end. Showing us his ways are well and good?

Let us start with simple foods.

 Corn, beans, butter beans, black eye peas, green peas, snaps, green beans, turnip greens, squash, watermelon, Canola, peaches, apple, pear, orange, cucumber, pumpkin, man I could go on for hours with what I’m familiar with in just this country alone. Don’t even have to go into meats or animals and the different kinds and what they do for us. Just think about the vast numbers of birds, those which are eatable and those which are colorful to the point of art. From small fish to huge whales that live in water but have to surface to breathe the air.

Not just the pure amount of variety but also each one provides a unique vitamin for us to maintain and improves life itself. Then let us look at emotions from laughter to crying, from sorrow to pain, from happy to sad and all the places we find ourselves in between. Let us look at the family unit to friendships to lovers. We all fall into one of those if not many of these categories’ all at the same time.  

Do you know how many different languages there are?  6,000 this list does not include slang such as north from south or east from west. You know how they talk down in New Orleans, or up in New York, or way down south with that good ole southern charm like myself or even those out on the west coast with a flare all its own and we all know and love ghetto, a sound all its own. Let’s not forget about color and all the fuss it causes. Yep, white, red, yellow and black. Last but not least sexes, male and females with their perfect curves, both are complex just depends which angle you are looking from.

I still can’t figure out how GOD did it making a person conceive and grow inside another person’s body and then to come out from that same great hole and then everything go back just the way it was before it ever begun. WOW, JUST WOW.

Take a look at music and all the different forms, from country to rock, from rap to punk from soft to metal thump. Hard and fast to sweet and slow, from I love you or YOU MUST GO! Take one last look at the weather, sunny and hot to icy freezing cold.

ALL THESE THINGS WE SEE ON A DAILY BASICS and people still have the nerve to say, THERE IS NO GOD!

I can’t get my mind around such a small mind as this? Is it because they won’t accountability? Or is it because their pride can’t take the thought of something greater than them or even a creator? He might know what is best for us. He might know a way to make me happy if I would only stop turning away. True joy from the one who made joy. There is a day coming when all things will be seen in the light of day, nothing got bye him and rewards will be given that can never be taken away. We will never grow old, or tired, or sick. Never to be fat or skinny, never hungry or sad again, just true joy for the ages.

I ask is there one among you who can know all this and still claim there is no GOD? If there is I sure would like to talk to this fool…I have barely touched the surface here and all that our lives are and can be. We must learn to humble ourselves and ask for help then guild ship, it is free for the asking and taking. Our father is willing to give all his children true joy and happiness; we must first learn wisdom, which is why we were first sent here. Now all the questions have found their answers. Talk to your father daily…  


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