you need to learn this quickly…

   You must learn to know what to trust. I am going to catch a lot of crap for this letter but it needs to be said. Watch a person’s fruit. Not what they say, but what they do, what they take. It is ok to be beaten once but after the third and fourth times you should become wiser. You have spent a life time here. What have you learned? Well that depends on what you made important.


I am going to let you in on a tiny secret from GOD. Look at the people’s names. The last name tells about the person or his family tree and the first name about the person you’re dealing with now face to face. Go by his given name. Always ask for full name. If you don’t know the meaning Google it.

You think I’m nuts go through the list of people you grew up with  and around, check for yourself. Also look at the people on the world stage. Hollywood, us government, etc. GOD tells you all about them without saying a word. Remember nothing is written in stone, a person can change, it takes great effort, most don’t, lazy whatever. Also look at the names of your friends you will see a pattern with each name it is used over and over and the personally type is almost always the same. The person is the key. If you like a person stay on their butts about changing, they will if they admire and respect you enough.

This is very important with what is coming you will need to know who to trust as quickly as possible, start looking into it now, get good at it, it just might save your life! Look into the Hebrew meaning of names, GOD named everyone on this planet. GOOD LUCK GUYS YOUR GOING TO NEED IT.  Start doing your homework now. Get good at it…


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