the father made the right decisions for all of us…

As the father watched from above, I could almost imagine the pain, the sheer desire to stop it all and now, but a man’s words are his bond, his blood, his covenants to others, to himself, I mean what I say. I thought this through and I know how to prove to mine, that I am theirs and how to prove to those who refused to yield, I would have shown them mercy if they would have put down their pride, their ignorest. If they would have shown mercy to those who did not yet fully understand. I offered them a chance to change their minds. I showed them what they already understood in terms of families torn apart, at even the cost of their own, they took the field.


Now the cost must be paid in full and at length, to the endless of time. To forever remind the future generations what my words mean. I was reasonable to those who refused to be reasoned with. They knew these days would come! That they would lose the ability to care for others and then themselves, just as I said they would. I offered time to quit, time to surrender, but they took the field!


This bunch no longer cares period, for I have removed love from their understanding, as I said I would, should they carry on and continue in this way. I knew then, they all fully understood the road ahead and have chosen it anyway. I made my word good as they knew I would. I wished for not one to perish, but I could not take their free will. This choice is what makes us alive, different from all other life forms. Every animal and human knows right from wrong, man from child, love from hate, and good from evil.


I spoke with reason and compassion to those who foolishly followed, they went anyway. Fooled love became willing to believe a lie and listened when told it was weak to care for others! That strength would remove those who cannot care for themselves or think as deeply. Those wise men would only leave the strong and the beautiful, the smart and cunning. Those who would rule this new day would do so at the cost of the kind, by the willing, to overpower those who could not think quickly enough and become willing to strike first. The leaders would prove themselves by their ruthlessness; the weak trusted our words and refuse to see our actions as deeds done willingly to take by force what was now rightfully theirs. The strongest would from the top and all the people would serve him until one became wiser and outwitted the wisest of that day, or at least this is how they wanted it to play out.


I gave them in part what they wished for, a short time was allotted, and the earth was made. I would not dare to have sin inside my kingdom or to interrupt those who offer me praise every hour of every day. My foot stool will be for a short while proof for all to see who was truly the most wise, THE MOST HIGH. Heaven would protect love with all its might. I would offer my only son’s blood to pay for all those sins. The sins of those whom I chose and those who chose me back. I would watch him die, just as I written it, before the first day. The most painful day to day, for us both, but never again. This is to show my great love for you all. Our family soon to come home again and righteous to rule as it once had forever more.


You all have become a great deal wiser and UGLY has primity been removed as I promised and will never return, heaven has return to the rightful owners, those governed by love, hosted and maintained by the maker of all things, his greatest gift being love…


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