changes are coming fast

      what really gets in my crawl is the one sided fire that burns for the brain dead. it is flashed on every TV screen and every reporter buys into the plot as to make it real, the teachers teach from the same side of the check that runs their lives, then you have the many that simply follow the many as the years slowly grind by, backed by the billions to sing, the song and dance.

    i watched a doc. about Africa and how a few water wells would have changed the problems ten fold, yet the government, Africa’s that is, were too busy learning out of the country and our rich just turn the channel, is my guess. think what one million-aire could do with a single million in the way of wells! then what one billionaire could do! how cold has the world become? it wouldn’t have even cost them a zero.
   well just look at the numbers of women that insert steal into themselves to kill the unborn and call it birth control. no, it is murder, plain and simple, legal kill shot on a grass root level. the money put behind it to ease the minds of the dead walking. stone cold folks.
   well then swing yourself way around and put your thoughts into a government that killed 3 thousand of their own, on national TV. 9-11. the day my world changed for forever. i was waiting on a coup from our military, which never came, then we followed it up by invading another country as the world watched, the government’s of the world knew the truth and did nothing as millions died, being awaken in their sleep to be shot down in the dead of night, just as we will soon at the same hand. 2 billion bullets and no one answers a single question!!! just starter questions, yet we pay all the bills. it is never seen, from our checks to unsupervised, unaccountable hands, unaccountable to us that is, they will answer every question soon enough and after it is too late to repent.
i watch Russia set the stage of the coming war, taking time to do their style of killing. waiting and watching for the anti christ and the false prophet to rise out of china to bring peace to the world. all the while hearing the american preachers twist it into fairy-tales of the vaccakine’s POPES rise to shame. as if GOD would do himself in, in some strange twist of sound reasoning after all the century’s. i don’t think so,
    yea, sure they will make some bad choices, just keep you eyes on the ball and the mark of the beast out of your body and all be well. the mark by the way will be a digital chip injected through a needle, which already ties into Russia and China with the missing plane(777 or 370) of IBM pro’s who sealed the deal with the wireless remote programmable device on world wide web of stuff., you being the stuff of matter, the rest being there for the busy bodies with free time on their hands.
i can’t believe we are able to watch it play out live on our TV’s, the death of the dollar will be the game changer day. the day only the cash dollar is useable, no transactions of any other kind, is officially day one. hide and watch, just like 9-11 they know a day the dollar will die or make its last stand, and the birth into life our new world order. a single day the world changes and never goes back. all of them have already been bought and paid for, from our police, to the cable news lady, to the one just doing as they are told (TSA, IRS, FBI, CIA, DEPT OF THIS AND THAT, FEMA, ETC.). pray that isn’t you. your eyes must be open and your hearing intact, if you know what i mean.
we, the few who trust GOD and run and hide in plain sight, just follow the manna, as those with mosses did, it will look and feel much the same. pray for us all, that GOD has more mercy on us, than we do each other. there are much worse things to happen to a person other than death! it’s the second death, that’s the one to fear. wise men and women will walk to the guillotines with smiles on their faces. 
we are going home today, home to a world ruled by love, based on caring about others, we won’t add one cost of the wreckage, as this storm blows through. those left will ADD the costs of want, or not wanting what was fair and just. from the lawyers to the judges to the doctors who showed the world who they WERE NOT. i can say whatever i want to about myself, but what i did was who I AM. we can not serve two masters.
on an ending note, the anti christ will make obama sound like he never made it to college. his ability to twist words, those words being from the bible. making it say whatever he wishes, wishes is the right word, the truth will never change. know your bible, it will save your soul. not a sentence here and another there, but keep it in the context in which it was said, and you will not stumble. JESUS comes once from the clouds to gather us, we will not have to move to foreign shore, but stay put where the manna falls or follow the pillar of fire as he leads us in safety safely…remember he will come get you, you will not have to find him. under his power alone you will leave up into the clouds…

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