Month: June 2014



So this is your day, a day like any other if you look out the window, but if you search the places in my minds a world open up second to none. i was raised by GOD himself. yes he took the time to care for me. to teach me what others felt was not worth their time. the years felt like winter, cold and lonely as time seemed to stand still.
he don’t talk like most, his words are seen not heard. it was only cold and lonely because i had yet to understand what was clearly written down for all to read.
the noise of this place! they called the foolish, wise and paid them millions of dollars. they flashed their actors on TV and stage and told the world, if you where only strong and smart like me. if you would have worked harder, you could have had all this too, but they never tell you just what it is they have. well i will, a fake smile and many people, enepty people wanting to believe the lie. they follow them around like flies to rotten food. believing every word as if the golden rule will never apply. they got up just like everyone else. it was sitting there waiting, they had to do nothing but show up. we are all the same. there is only one who is great and he is GOD.

pain come cheap and easy for this kind and never to get their fill, year after year, the crowd grows. they fail to see pass the lights and glitter, the nice cars and the jet planes, flying off to no-where. what a shallow place to live. to want to be loved by strangers on any distance shore only to meet back at the hotel rooms of emeptiness. it has grown world wide. dead silince fills the hall ways. love is stoped at the door. it had no substances like a poster on the wall waiting to be torn down. the next big star will hang here next as they push you aside. the vain crys of the “has been”. you have been paid, next, your soul is required.
like always, off in the distances, some years down the road, first the good times as fast as a summer day. well the day has come. now you must give what you promised and forever is a long time. should have thought it through. no one loved you. they gave you exactly what you gave them, nothing. the taltent was on loan and yes you took the credit. if they only knew who you truly were. you tricked them just like he tricked you. the lights don’t shine anymore, just the waiting of this day.
the fall will be hard and long, in fact never ending. just what was it you were thinking? trade a few years for lifetimes of nonstop pain. we have to make our words good to prove to you and the others. we meant what we said. we still mean it. let some learn from your mistake and it takes the vainness away. it was your choice, never forget that. of course your mad at us, but what else could have been said? the whole truth was told and you chose it anyway, yet it is us you hate, why?

close the door and turn out the light, the end is here…


try again

    Started thinking a few days ago and woke this morning to finish that thought, ant hunting stardom, you won’t find me in the winner’s circle this time, not waiting to hear the cheer of some crowd, not hunting arms to hold me. I’m searching for the finish line.
Could there be a place just for me? I can go there and not change a thing; my work in that eara is done. Going to spend time with those who love me if only for a little while would be fine.
I want to walk among the few who spent their lives changing others raising the bar so high that few chose to try. The words spelled it out but the pain made its home on my shoulders.
I have seen perfection, I watch the birds fly, I wonder how the wind blows, I catch some dofines following beside our boat, I wondered how the ice doesn’t fall off those mountains tops, drove across the deserts when I began to think of all the things.
I remember the day I saw the pain in her face, when all I ask her was for her to explain. all she could do was cry. I knew there were greater things than what the world calls success. We must go together to the places of pain and with our words, and our hope lead them to new lands.
The dreams of my youth have all gone, but in their place stands greater things. I want to bring hope to a world that is dying many couldn’t understand they were all lies. The things we can touch with our hands have no value, but to the souls we offer hope, love and never ending happiness. The price we pay is high and only can be done with blood of a sinless man, perfect in all his ways. He came to teach us but we got lost within the brightness of diamonds and gold. Some longed for many to love them, even if the many were strangers it didn’t seem to matter. How could we believe in such foolish things I often wondered.