Month: September 2014

my life

As I search my life, I see a beautiful story in the making. How a boy sat on the stoop and cried and a giant of a GOD came and sat down beside him, waiting for the tears to all dry up and the boy would try again.
As the years rushed bye and the boy became a man, his need to be loved only became greater and the world colder. His face lost in the crowd of people and need to be loved never got quiche. The girls forced him in the corner asking for just a kiss, pushed into his life kicking all the way.

Now I stand here GOD, I have one question you need to answer? Do you still love me? I need to know…

yes came across the bow, this ship is moving on son, we have a big job to do and i’m taking you all the way. our love is pure and untouched by this world of sorrow.

i woke the morning with a fresh look in my eye and wondered of the days ahead, it seems to sometimes be just a blur in time. then the song came on the radio and i went back in time. man sir, the miles we have crossed, that was 1973 now looking at 2014. it almost seems like another place in time all together, some other world i once knew.

you have showed me all things, what is great and why and what is small and how we all need each other, that in the right context we all fit and we all need each other. each one of us has a place saved at the dinner table.
oh how i love to hear the laughter of home, these means streets get old sir, not half what the movies make them out to be. i still only want to be loved for that is the grand prize.

for now i bow my head and talked until the day is done, but sir i only really wanted to play out on the playground of life, the work had to get done and we never found time to play. the blood still on the ground from the last trail we went through. funny how things work out, you keep my guessing. every time i’m sure how it’s going to end and prepare the way yet another curve comes, my plans put on hold. i keep hunting that triple jump, that was alway my favorite place to be.

if i have learned one thing here it is you must and can never give up on a dream, hold on to it until death and then pray if it takes death to reach it, then the dream shall live for forever.
one of the hardest thing to grasp is what are you willing to live with? how low will you lower the bar or what will you say is ok so you can have what you want, kinda like words you can only use the ones you can spell. i understand them all but can only spell very few. the road splits and some goes this way, very few and most go the way of the world…