Month: November 2014

the coming days are here

i was the guinea pig. i tried everything and i know what you can and can’t do. do you trust me? i have the scars to prove every word. pain is of our making it don’t have to be overwhelming. do you trust me?

  don’t say a word, i will look to see if you follow my advice…a few will see the rapture. i want you to be one of them.


the chosen few, the ELECT

Fear, how is fear to be overcome? Fear that comes from an unknown outcome from the situation that stands before you.

the fear i want you to learn how to handle, is fear of the unknown type.  meaning on levels of never seen before. today you find yourself standing in a world you have never seen before, not only do you not know what to do next, but you don’t know how to process what you are seeing. this is his strategy. the evil ones want to take you to a place that keeps you so off guard you will be willing to accept things you would have never considered before. any other situation would have been different, but this is outside all i understand. a godlike creature has never walked the planet before demanding such change.

jesus offered a new way of life on a personal level, the antichrist will want the world to do as he says and he will have the full support of the government and all law enforcement agencies, your willingness to not cause problems and wait for the return of life as you once understood will be  your downfall. you must react! you must fight your fear and do what you know is right. you must flee. fight the urge to wait and see, to hold out one minute longer. you must come to terms with what you’re seeing and understand this is real. yes your friends and family are in the wrong mode and can’t be talked out of it. you’re alone like never before and fear is cripples you. pray you way back to strength. GOD give me strength and wisdom in this my time of great need.

one must prepare the mind today to be ready for what is coming tomorrow. fear is your greatest obstacle, many may have to travel alone because you waited until the last day to talk to others. when two people are struck by the same fear at the same time only the one who has thought it out before hand will overcome the min. time to wait is gone! your hope lays in your ability to move and move now!, move as you try to think this through. my safe place i must make it there, then i will plan the next move.

  if no one is there but you, wait for the others, do not go in search of. your life is all you have and all you’re responsible for. this day is like no other. GOD will bring others to comfort you and you to comfort them. you and those around you will have all you need to carry out your tasks, the ability to survive, this is the elect,  your new family, the chosen few…

you haven’t danced in a while.

You haven’t danced in a while… Still remembering how she said those words, yea it has been a day or two. Been out working on things I still don’t understand and when I awoke the morning no one is here but me and these same four walls. Funny how it all seemed so much easier when it is written down with words. I have read the text of old and found most of my heroes there. Now that I have met them all, I spend my days waiting on the work that must get done. Eight years and counting, still no one believes a word I say, not even me some days. I muster the courage to stand one more day. One day is about all I can stand. These times have been the toughest. The days pass like sitting inside a jail cell. Yep, that was the way he said it would seem. Never thought to take it in the literal sense, but this is how it played out. Oh how fun it would be to go for a ride on the dirt bike or to hold your hand for a long walk under the moon light. I guess it will have to wait, so I spend my days dreaming about a world I have only seen in brief moments in time, they pushing my nose to the grind. A big job so they say, so hard for a boy who only want to run and play.

rich and famous

yea i see you singing, i have heard the crowds that follow you around each day. everyone wants a piece of you. you are in now, but how can you forget? you are hell bound!


a fiery grave in a forever place, nothing and i mean nothing is worth that. when they tear love from your spirit and there will be nothing put in its place. did not want to think about that. yep 400 million hits strong, yet nothing could make me forget of being hell bound.


hollywood went and lied to the world and now the numbers of followers is staggering. but you know what hollywood don’t speak about, the truth. the evil one walked up to you, you know its true.


you wont find love in a hopeless place this time, and you’ll have forever to dream about what was and what should have been, rihanna.


broken dreams lay all over the place everything seems out of place. my words find no one to understand, to help fight the wrong with this place. so i wonder on alone. does it matter now another place in time i would have helped you and you would have listened…

they taped a minute in time and sold it to a dying place. life looks good in a dieing place, but we can only use the wise and those willing to endure. it will make perfect sense i promise you, now go tell the others. forever young


EVERYTHING WE DO IS A CHOICE. IF WE CHOSE TO FORGIVE WE DO. if we chose to try again we do. nothing anyone does can change what you chose. yes it can make the process harder to do, but still it is a choice. these choices decide where you spend the next 100 million years. people have deceived themselves letting money, looks or what one can offer them decide what person they will help. what people they will lock out of their lives. who they will hurt. these choice not founded in love will hurt you in the end. chose wisely…


I WILL TELL YOU WHY! the people, you are why! the Americans go to church by the truck load and nine thousand different christian tv and radio program, yet not one word of why the country is going to crap, here is just one example…

Steve from Panama – TruNews 11/7/14
Host of Strength4theJourney radio broadcast heard on Flowing Streams worldband signals.

see what i mean, i hate to singal just one out, but i am tired of seeing these type, and all the ones quoting bible sciphers and nothing and i mean nothing changes. maybe you people do not understand what a sin is or what to repeat of. well let me help you out just a bit.



ALL OF YOU WHO DO WRONG BECAUSE I HAD TO KEEP MY JOB. i must do what they tell me, they are my boss, right? wrong. GOD alone is your boss and his way are still righteous. do any of you even know what righteous is? the right thing is what it means. no mater who tells you other wise.

if you trusted GOD you would lose the job and find another, oh i know, my home i worked so hard for it! bull-crap. you lied, cheated and even stole for it. you got a new husband to have it.

ALL OF YOU WHO SLEEP WITH YOUR FRIENDS, girl or boyfriends it is still sex before marriage and will keep you out of heaven

ALL OF YOU WHO WORK IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND IN THE COURT SYSTEM. just because you must pay the bills is not reason enough to pass and enforce unjust laws and heap outrageous fines on top of them. yep, IT will keep you out of heaven!



ALL OF YOU WHO GIVE VACCINATED BECAUSE IT IS JUST EASIER! I TOLD YOU THE FIGHT WOULD BE HARD. what about fight do you not understand? alone is hard and the way JESUS died!





ALL OF YOU WHO BOTH PARENTS WORK. MOVE TO A CHEAPER HOME. one need to raise the children and yes it is a full time job.


ALL OF YOU WHO SIT THE KIDS DOWN IN FRONT OF THAT CRAP TV. it would be ok if you used the tv to explain why it is wrong. believe it or not children and adults learn from it and if all it shows is evil, then you are getting so good at it you don’t even call it evil anymore

start with these sins and fix them and explain to GOD how you now understand how it was wrong and it will not be going on anymore in YOUR HOME.

the 10 commandment are the tip of the iceberg, if we are to remove the iceberg we must understand what ice looks like.

I FEAR MOST OF YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SIN. THE 1000 RULE OF JESUS CHRIST WILL BE A RIGHTEOUS REIN AND WITH AN IRON FIST. have any of you thought this out on your way to heaven. what does rein with an iron fist mean? it means liars will go to jail, not thieves, they’ll be no thieves.

what is a righteous GOD? hopefully this help just a bit, try again later

what is a RIGHTEOUS GOD? answers

first we must get a mental picture of GOD, who he is and what’s his character? the bible is our starting point and our lives are the answers to these questions. place your name in any of the stories in the bible and your friends names as supporting actors and you have the right way to handle any and every situation or problem. your, go to book, for every one of life’s problems already answered. now how cool is that or is GOD for helping us out this much from the jump.

our next big problem is getting everyone to read it, heck i would settle for, “if just those who call themselves CHRISTIANS”, would!

let us take a look at just one story as our “example”. ok? Joseph and Genesis 37: 1-50:26 for any who wants to look up the story and read it first hand. please do!

short and condensed version, joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and later on put in prison for a rape he didn’t commit, then he was set free or released and put 2nd in command over all of  Egypt before and during a 7 year food shortage. caused by a drought spoke of in the dream. this came about due to Joseph ability to  interpret dreams over the kings so-called wise men and of course the love his father had for him, both his earthly dad and his HEAVENLY FATHER.

after all this hardship, Joseph responded, “i know why GOD let this happen”, so i could feed my family during the severe drought. IS THIS WHO YOU WOULD HAVE LOOKED AT IT? no not me either. i would have been so mad at my family i would have let them starve and then  sold all the food possible to compensate myself for my suffering and time served, right? no. the bible shows us the correct way to handle the situation and Joseph is one heck of a man in my book. this is just one story and one example. i believe you understand my point and primis, right?

ok, back to GOD, whom i believe i understand him very well, his character that is and his  mind set due to my reading and understanding of his book, “THE BIBLE” and my life. many events, at least for “me” have found their solutions inside the covers of “THE BIBLE”  i have found him to be overly fair and long suffering while waiting on me to understand and then get things right, time after time, now going into my 50th year tomorrow. also due to my reading and understanding of “THE BIBLE”. I understand him better based on problems and solutions as he laid them out in each story in “THE BIBLE”. “THE BIBLE” gives us a “what to expect” from him based on past handlings of his people, the ISRAELITES. ISRAELITES. JEWS, and yes especially the CHRISTIANS. if you call yourself one. better keep that head up. you are not held to the same standard as those who claim to be nothing but alive until dead. i got news for everyone. no one dies, we move (LOVE) on to one of two places. yep HEAVEN or HELL. a quick nap and we are back for the 1000 year reign with JESUS, which is kinda the whole point of me writing all this.

YES, must i dare say it again, we get a short nap, those who die, that is and we are back to put into practice what we learned here. IT WASN’T THE AMERICAN DREAM, in case you’re wondering. nope, how to love thy neighbor as thy self and all the other wise stuff THE BIBLE covers. a few, YEP A FEW WILL SEE THE RAPTURE and for you, you will not taste death, but you sure will get a eye full of it. it is right around the next corner. YEP, yet another reason why i’m writing this.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST and how many of us are going to have to avoid “IT” at all cost, “THAT MARK” death will be the price for many or the only way not to get it, and YES you will see many of your family and friends die, HOPEFULLY. If they chose something other than death, it will be the mark of the beast sad to say. it is already law (google chip is law) and it will be world wide and very soon. i wasn’t planning on getting into that this early, but here we are. i will just skip over it for now.

I VERY MUCH NEED YOU TO HAVE A CLEAR AND WORKING UNDERSTANDING OF GOD. your life will be depending on it. i’m talking about this life and the one to come. missing the second death that is. we will get into that more at a later date. a few days maybe. let’s hope the pace is quick, i have waited until the last minute to help you with this learning curve. don’t worry i went through the same thing myself  and here i sit. you will be fine also.

BACK TO THE TASK AT HAND—getting new and deeper understanding of who will be protecting you in the near future and who has spent every moment of your life with you up to this point. he can sum your life up, and why you do everything you do, in a single sentence. yes he knows you that well. my goal here is to let YOU meet him on a bit more personal level. many of you followed my oct 31 thread. you know me and the drill, now it is time to get to work. the hard stuff, tomorrow is just hours away (metaphorically speaking) and it won’t be pretty, but if you can make it out without the mark. OUR WORK WAS DONE RIGHT…

let’s think a few simple thoughts through. i have listed a few below…

would not a fair and just GOD give you time to figure out and then understand shooting anyone who wrongs you is not your best option, if you were born in some of the rougher places like, “the projects”, not all project but some are very hardcore indeed. a person being raised there, in that environment thinks nothing of family members in prison or going to funerals of close love ones and may be even in fear of attending one of them himself, as the partaker of the event. could you imagine how far away something like the BIBLE must sound, must feel? well it is Jesus’s character is to go and get that lost sheep. recovering one may consist of a jail cell and a BIBLE with nothing but time to read it. this is just one way it can be done. pain and suffering is the fastest way, they have numerous tools, disease, poverty, addiction, heartbreak, accidents, etc. some are meant to cause shame, others to bring attention. cancer is not floating around on the breeze, neither is ebola. every event, every action, every word is known and was known before day one. i assure you GOD is fully in control. the devil is playing right into his hands.


the poor people are not the enemy and not the worse thing that has happened to planet earth, not by a long shot. those who kill this planet for personal gain. those who use weapons of war to gain access to natural resources are the ones to watch. if you were born with the silver spoon in your mouth, you’re not the enemy per se either. we are responsible for our actions each and every one of us and i promise you someone is watching tallying the score. report cards coming out soon.


someone who is born a different color is not the problem or the reason for everything wrong in your state or country. fat people do not eat everything and pretty folks do not give you reason to hate the world.

yes these are a few poor examples of things we have no say in, and only a “not so smart person” would hate or show prestige towards someone or a group of someones for something they had no control over, much less a say in. some of these things are as follows. rich, poor, black, white, fat, skinny, ugly, drop dead gorgeous, gay or straight, smart or dumb as a rock. these are all things none of us had a said in. DON’T HOLD SOMEONE ACCOUNTABLE for a action they can not control such as gender. everyone deserves a even playing field, a day one without the odds stacked against them. our actions should be taken seriously as our words. so from the jump, give to him, what you would want for yourself. base your actions on love blame only those who refuse to love…

until next time, pray until you hear him speak, that should keep you busy with things that matter…please forgive me for such a sloppy job, i was in way too big of a hurry today. i will try harder next time. i promise.

what is a righteous GOD?

With one flick of the switch, from the dead still of darkness, behold i gazed upon perfection for the first time in my fifty years. Before me stood, in all its glory, a shape to hold my spirit.

its lines were pure and smooth as if carved from solid marbles stone, aged like centuries old sycamore, standing in a forest three hundred million strong.

this engineering wonder has reached new heights in just shy, seven thousand years.


nothing short of sheer goodness, no wait shall i say, pure RIGHTEOUSNESS would be worthy to pass judgement on each and every soul.

but by what standard should they keep? then i heard him say, “I WILL HOLD THEM TO THE SAME STANDARD I HAVE HELD MYSELF”


wait, no! please sir… we have failed. everyone is on different paths, believing different truths. we had not one, but thousands of preachers and hundreds of interpretations of your single book, the “BIBLE”. many men claimed it was written by the minds of men, therefore not to be trusted. the church was broken before i was born.


your church, the CATHOLIC church was dismantled by men such as martin luther and another bunch, all at war with itself, inside their own ranks. each grabbing for power to take for his own. NONE hunting the truth, i can’t even try to begin and explain how or why this all happened i just know it was, we were taught to hate you “catholics” almost from birth, yet no one would answer any questions as to why. they just said it is the devils home. this was coming from the leaders, so-called men of wisdom. our scribes and Pharisees, those who were supposed to know. they even acted like they had insider knowledge, a straight line to you, way above us. there were literally thousands of faiths each with their own truth, all at war with the other.


TV and RADIO, where do i begin? they all claimed there was no GOD and claimed to have more than enough proof, all reasonable minds would need, if you ask for proof they called you stupid!


by the 70’s it was taught to everyone, nationwide, in our school systems. THERE IS “NO” god. these were our teachers sir, our parents were kept away, busy working and other stuff. most everyone, all my friends didn’t care and if you did try to stand up, you were rejected and laughed at. we had to pass the tests,keep our friends, right?


it only gets worse sir, so much worse. along came the internet with so much information, so many people claiming this and that. my head was spinning, i didn’t know which way to run. life was no fun. my parents divorced and many new people came in and out of my life. i was forced to act like i loved them, even made to say so, sometimes. i had brothers and sister i never met, aunts and uncles, even four grandpa’s one time. (not really me, just giving an example)


by the time i started dating everything was ok. you could find a video of someone doing anything you could try to think up. one time one live tv, a “brother and sister french kissed”,(angelina jolie and brother) another time a man became pregnant,(Thomas Beatie) and then the day came, i watched my own government kill over 3000 on “live” real time tv. (sept. 11, 2001)before anyone could figured it out, we “our country” was off killing millions in foreign lands. these were the ones they blamed the world trade centers on. they passed many laws taking away our freedoms, our guns, our ability to speak freely and they did all this claiming, “it would make us all much safer”.


there was only one of me, and many of them and millions of voices coming from every angle. all music was about was what was wrong and why it was ok to have fun doing it, breaking hearts or chasing women, etc. if you said something about anything, you were either racist or just a plain mean, “a hater”. the movies taught me how to kill in every possible way and man did they look cool doing it, saying cool stuff at the perfect time. everyone wanted to be like these few.


i even heard of many boasting about selling their soul, as if, it was nothing, just did it for yall (us)and the good life. it was in both songs and movies, even heads of state.


then the gay and bi, this and that. men marrying men, women marrying women, sex changes, confused genders minded folks, grand parades up and down the streets. it was everywhere and everyone was doing it. i haven’t even spoke of the tattoos and drugs.


anyone who did what i believed might be wrong, well they were doing much better than me. it made it look like they were right. i mean i do what i believe is right, based on what that book the bible said and i stay broke. My second wife left, her claims much like the first, was she wasn’t happy and i didn’t make enough money to give her things that everyone else has. we believed differently as to what was the correct way to raise or teach our children. it seemed everyone sided with her, the church, the court, or of course the family. Now i see them twice a month and pay for her to leave or at least that is how it felt. (this was years ago, my boys are grown)


the church just keeps saying better days are coming, not to lose faith, hope, etc. no real answers. not sure just what i was looking for, answers to why the pain, all this pain. they do have a plan, it goes something like this; how much faster i could learn the truth for 19.95, plus shipping. these guys living the great life in the million dollars homes. i paid and i went to church, i prayed but i was sure you were not listening because nothing ever got better, it changed but never for the better. i couldn’t figure none of it out sir. i just lost hope and slowly stopped caring. it is all my fault. i have no one to blame. (this is how it went for years).


the mark of the beast was everything from your name being wrong, to the day of the week i went to church or prayed, how i worshiped you wrong, to the sins i forget to confess. i didn’t have a clue and i knew that for sure. how was anyone to know what to believe? everyone had a new idea and most followed the crowd and they got rich and that was their proof they were right. is it too late sir? do i have a chance in the world to save myself from whatever terrible thing you’re saving for all those like me. i have heard of hell and i don’t want to go there, but this is the last place to find the truth (all the places i went, my efforts up to this point) and everyone is selling the crap out of it. i just want to be saved, sir. what do i do?


what is a righteous GOD? and how does judgement go down. sorry about the lack of great words, but i’m hunting simple easy to follow truth. truth for dummies 101 or something along that line.

does anyone want to know what comes next? a simple truth from a simple man in this, “the final hour”. start by praying tonight. GOD show me the truth, please. i am flat broke and darn near homeless.  if one does this,(hunt GOD/truth) he promises to reveal it to you. i will follow this up, here and or facebook, until it cost something, because i’m broke also and i wont ask a single cent from you. you do your part and pray and i will do mine and write what he tells me to. free for everyone until the last min and believe me we are in the final hours. chip griffin atl. Ga. on facebook and or just pass me right on by, no big deal…

a simple truth. when someone commits a murder, both the victim and the killer go to a prison cell, neither one has the key to the cell door. (was told to write this. not sure why, but it is a true statement)