what is a righteous GOD? hopefully this help just a bit, try again later

what is a RIGHTEOUS GOD? answers

first we must get a mental picture of GOD, who he is and what’s his character? the bible is our starting point and our lives are the answers to these questions. place your name in any of the stories in the bible and your friends names as supporting actors and you have the right way to handle any and every situation or problem. your, go to book, for every one of life’s problems already answered. now how cool is that or is GOD for helping us out this much from the jump.

our next big problem is getting everyone to read it, heck i would settle for, “if just those who call themselves CHRISTIANS”, would!

let us take a look at just one story as our “example”. ok? Joseph and Genesis 37: 1-50:26 for any who wants to look up the story and read it first hand. please do!

short and condensed version, joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and later on put in prison for a rape he didn’t commit, then he was set free or released and put 2nd in command over all of  Egypt before and during a 7 year food shortage. caused by a drought spoke of in the dream. this came about due to Joseph ability to  interpret dreams over the kings so-called wise men and of course the love his father had for him, both his earthly dad and his HEAVENLY FATHER.

after all this hardship, Joseph responded, “i know why GOD let this happen”, so i could feed my family during the severe drought. IS THIS WHO YOU WOULD HAVE LOOKED AT IT? no not me either. i would have been so mad at my family i would have let them starve and then  sold all the food possible to compensate myself for my suffering and time served, right? no. the bible shows us the correct way to handle the situation and Joseph is one heck of a man in my book. this is just one story and one example. i believe you understand my point and primis, right?

ok, back to GOD, whom i believe i understand him very well, his character that is and his  mind set due to my reading and understanding of his book, “THE BIBLE” and my life. many events, at least for “me” have found their solutions inside the covers of “THE BIBLE”  i have found him to be overly fair and long suffering while waiting on me to understand and then get things right, time after time, now going into my 50th year tomorrow. also due to my reading and understanding of “THE BIBLE”. I understand him better based on problems and solutions as he laid them out in each story in “THE BIBLE”. “THE BIBLE” gives us a “what to expect” from him based on past handlings of his people, the ISRAELITES. ISRAELITES. JEWS, and yes especially the CHRISTIANS. if you call yourself one. better keep that head up. you are not held to the same standard as those who claim to be nothing but alive until dead. i got news for everyone. no one dies, we move (LOVE) on to one of two places. yep HEAVEN or HELL. a quick nap and we are back for the 1000 year reign with JESUS, which is kinda the whole point of me writing all this.

YES, must i dare say it again, we get a short nap, those who die, that is and we are back to put into practice what we learned here. IT WASN’T THE AMERICAN DREAM, in case you’re wondering. nope, how to love thy neighbor as thy self and all the other wise stuff THE BIBLE covers. a few, YEP A FEW WILL SEE THE RAPTURE and for you, you will not taste death, but you sure will get a eye full of it. it is right around the next corner. YEP, yet another reason why i’m writing this.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST and how many of us are going to have to avoid “IT” at all cost, “THAT MARK” death will be the price for many or the only way not to get it, and YES you will see many of your family and friends die, HOPEFULLY. If they chose something other than death, it will be the mark of the beast sad to say. it is already law (google chip is law) and it will be world wide and very soon. i wasn’t planning on getting into that this early, but here we are. i will just skip over it for now.

I VERY MUCH NEED YOU TO HAVE A CLEAR AND WORKING UNDERSTANDING OF GOD. your life will be depending on it. i’m talking about this life and the one to come. missing the second death that is. we will get into that more at a later date. a few days maybe. let’s hope the pace is quick, i have waited until the last minute to help you with this learning curve. don’t worry i went through the same thing myself  and here i sit. you will be fine also.

BACK TO THE TASK AT HAND—getting new and deeper understanding of who will be protecting you in the near future and who has spent every moment of your life with you up to this point. he can sum your life up, and why you do everything you do, in a single sentence. yes he knows you that well. my goal here is to let YOU meet him on a bit more personal level. many of you followed my oct 31 thread. you know me and the drill, now it is time to get to work. the hard stuff, tomorrow is just hours away (metaphorically speaking) and it won’t be pretty, but if you can make it out without the mark. OUR WORK WAS DONE RIGHT…

let’s think a few simple thoughts through. i have listed a few below…

would not a fair and just GOD give you time to figure out and then understand shooting anyone who wrongs you is not your best option, if you were born in some of the rougher places like, “the projects”, not all project but some are very hardcore indeed. a person being raised there, in that environment thinks nothing of family members in prison or going to funerals of close love ones and may be even in fear of attending one of them himself, as the partaker of the event. could you imagine how far away something like the BIBLE must sound, must feel? well it is Jesus’s character is to go and get that lost sheep. recovering one may consist of a jail cell and a BIBLE with nothing but time to read it. this is just one way it can be done. pain and suffering is the fastest way, they have numerous tools, disease, poverty, addiction, heartbreak, accidents, etc. some are meant to cause shame, others to bring attention. cancer is not floating around on the breeze, neither is ebola. every event, every action, every word is known and was known before day one. i assure you GOD is fully in control. the devil is playing right into his hands.


the poor people are not the enemy and not the worse thing that has happened to planet earth, not by a long shot. those who kill this planet for personal gain. those who use weapons of war to gain access to natural resources are the ones to watch. if you were born with the silver spoon in your mouth, you’re not the enemy per se either. we are responsible for our actions each and every one of us and i promise you someone is watching tallying the score. report cards coming out soon.


someone who is born a different color is not the problem or the reason for everything wrong in your state or country. fat people do not eat everything and pretty folks do not give you reason to hate the world.

yes these are a few poor examples of things we have no say in, and only a “not so smart person” would hate or show prestige towards someone or a group of someones for something they had no control over, much less a say in. some of these things are as follows. rich, poor, black, white, fat, skinny, ugly, drop dead gorgeous, gay or straight, smart or dumb as a rock. these are all things none of us had a said in. DON’T HOLD SOMEONE ACCOUNTABLE for a action they can not control such as gender. everyone deserves a even playing field, a day one without the odds stacked against them. our actions should be taken seriously as our words. so from the jump, give to him, what you would want for yourself. base your actions on love blame only those who refuse to love…

until next time, pray until you hear him speak, that should keep you busy with things that matter…please forgive me for such a sloppy job, i was in way too big of a hurry today. i will try harder next time. i promise.


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