what is a righteous GOD?

With one flick of the switch, from the dead still of darkness, behold i gazed upon perfection for the first time in my fifty years. Before me stood, in all its glory, a shape to hold my spirit.

its lines were pure and smooth as if carved from solid marbles stone, aged like centuries old sycamore, standing in a forest three hundred million strong.

this engineering wonder has reached new heights in just shy, seven thousand years.


nothing short of sheer goodness, no wait shall i say, pure RIGHTEOUSNESS would be worthy to pass judgement on each and every soul.

but by what standard should they keep? then i heard him say, “I WILL HOLD THEM TO THE SAME STANDARD I HAVE HELD MYSELF”


wait, no! please sir… we have failed. everyone is on different paths, believing different truths. we had not one, but thousands of preachers and hundreds of interpretations of your single book, the “BIBLE”. many men claimed it was written by the minds of men, therefore not to be trusted. the church was broken before i was born.


your church, the CATHOLIC church was dismantled by men such as martin luther and another bunch, all at war with itself, inside their own ranks. each grabbing for power to take for his own. NONE hunting the truth, i can’t even try to begin and explain how or why this all happened i just know it was, we were taught to hate you “catholics” almost from birth, yet no one would answer any questions as to why. they just said it is the devils home. this was coming from the leaders, so-called men of wisdom. our scribes and Pharisees, those who were supposed to know. they even acted like they had insider knowledge, a straight line to you, way above us. there were literally thousands of faiths each with their own truth, all at war with the other.


TV and RADIO, where do i begin? they all claimed there was no GOD and claimed to have more than enough proof, all reasonable minds would need, if you ask for proof they called you stupid!


by the 70’s it was taught to everyone, nationwide, in our school systems. THERE IS “NO” god. these were our teachers sir, our parents were kept away, busy working and other stuff. most everyone, all my friends didn’t care and if you did try to stand up, you were rejected and laughed at. we had to pass the tests,keep our friends, right?


it only gets worse sir, so much worse. along came the internet with so much information, so many people claiming this and that. my head was spinning, i didn’t know which way to run. life was no fun. my parents divorced and many new people came in and out of my life. i was forced to act like i loved them, even made to say so, sometimes. i had brothers and sister i never met, aunts and uncles, even four grandpa’s one time. (not really me, just giving an example)


by the time i started dating everything was ok. you could find a video of someone doing anything you could try to think up. one time one live tv, a “brother and sister french kissed”,(angelina jolie and brother) another time a man became pregnant,(Thomas Beatie) and then the day came, i watched my own government kill over 3000 on “live” real time tv. (sept. 11, 2001)before anyone could figured it out, we “our country” was off killing millions in foreign lands. these were the ones they blamed the world trade centers on. they passed many laws taking away our freedoms, our guns, our ability to speak freely and they did all this claiming, “it would make us all much safer”.


there was only one of me, and many of them and millions of voices coming from every angle. all music was about was what was wrong and why it was ok to have fun doing it, breaking hearts or chasing women, etc. if you said something about anything, you were either racist or just a plain mean, “a hater”. the movies taught me how to kill in every possible way and man did they look cool doing it, saying cool stuff at the perfect time. everyone wanted to be like these few.


i even heard of many boasting about selling their soul, as if, it was nothing, just did it for yall (us)and the good life. it was in both songs and movies, even heads of state.


then the gay and bi, this and that. men marrying men, women marrying women, sex changes, confused genders minded folks, grand parades up and down the streets. it was everywhere and everyone was doing it. i haven’t even spoke of the tattoos and drugs.


anyone who did what i believed might be wrong, well they were doing much better than me. it made it look like they were right. i mean i do what i believe is right, based on what that book the bible said and i stay broke. My second wife left, her claims much like the first, was she wasn’t happy and i didn’t make enough money to give her things that everyone else has. we believed differently as to what was the correct way to raise or teach our children. it seemed everyone sided with her, the church, the court, or of course the family. Now i see them twice a month and pay for her to leave or at least that is how it felt. (this was years ago, my boys are grown)


the church just keeps saying better days are coming, not to lose faith, hope, etc. no real answers. not sure just what i was looking for, answers to why the pain, all this pain. they do have a plan, it goes something like this; how much faster i could learn the truth for 19.95, plus shipping. these guys living the great life in the million dollars homes. i paid and i went to church, i prayed but i was sure you were not listening because nothing ever got better, it changed but never for the better. i couldn’t figure none of it out sir. i just lost hope and slowly stopped caring. it is all my fault. i have no one to blame. (this is how it went for years).


the mark of the beast was everything from your name being wrong, to the day of the week i went to church or prayed, how i worshiped you wrong, to the sins i forget to confess. i didn’t have a clue and i knew that for sure. how was anyone to know what to believe? everyone had a new idea and most followed the crowd and they got rich and that was their proof they were right. is it too late sir? do i have a chance in the world to save myself from whatever terrible thing you’re saving for all those like me. i have heard of hell and i don’t want to go there, but this is the last place to find the truth (all the places i went, my efforts up to this point) and everyone is selling the crap out of it. i just want to be saved, sir. what do i do?


what is a righteous GOD? and how does judgement go down. sorry about the lack of great words, but i’m hunting simple easy to follow truth. truth for dummies 101 or something along that line.

does anyone want to know what comes next? a simple truth from a simple man in this, “the final hour”. start by praying tonight. GOD show me the truth, please. i am flat broke and darn near homeless.  if one does this,(hunt GOD/truth) he promises to reveal it to you. i will follow this up, here and or facebook, until it cost something, because i’m broke also and i wont ask a single cent from you. you do your part and pray and i will do mine and write what he tells me to. free for everyone until the last min and believe me we are in the final hours. chip griffin atl. Ga. on facebook and chipgriffin777@wordpress.com or just pass me right on by, no big deal…

a simple truth. when someone commits a murder, both the victim and the killer go to a prison cell, neither one has the key to the cell door. (was told to write this. not sure why, but it is a true statement)


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