rich and famous

yea i see you singing, i have heard the crowds that follow you around each day. everyone wants a piece of you. you are in now, but how can you forget? you are hell bound!


a fiery grave in a forever place, nothing and i mean nothing is worth that. when they tear love from your spirit and there will be nothing put in its place. did not want to think about that. yep 400 million hits strong, yet nothing could make me forget of being hell bound.


hollywood went and lied to the world and now the numbers of followers is staggering. but you know what hollywood don’t speak about, the truth. the evil one walked up to you, you know its true.


you wont find love in a hopeless place this time, and you’ll have forever to dream about what was and what should have been, rihanna.


broken dreams lay all over the place everything seems out of place. my words find no one to understand, to help fight the wrong with this place. so i wonder on alone. does it matter now another place in time i would have helped you and you would have listened…

they taped a minute in time and sold it to a dying place. life looks good in a dieing place, but we can only use the wise and those willing to endure. it will make perfect sense i promise you, now go tell the others. forever young


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