you haven’t danced in a while.

You haven’t danced in a while… Still remembering how she said those words, yea it has been a day or two. Been out working on things I still don’t understand and when I awoke the morning no one is here but me and these same four walls. Funny how it all seemed so much easier when it is written down with words. I have read the text of old and found most of my heroes there. Now that I have met them all, I spend my days waiting on the work that must get done. Eight years and counting, still no one believes a word I say, not even me some days. I muster the courage to stand one more day. One day is about all I can stand. These times have been the toughest. The days pass like sitting inside a jail cell. Yep, that was the way he said it would seem. Never thought to take it in the literal sense, but this is how it played out. Oh how fun it would be to go for a ride on the dirt bike or to hold your hand for a long walk under the moon light. I guess it will have to wait, so I spend my days dreaming about a world I have only seen in brief moments in time, they pushing my nose to the grind. A big job so they say, so hard for a boy who only want to run and play.


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