the chosen few, the ELECT

Fear, how is fear to be overcome? Fear that comes from an unknown outcome from the situation that stands before you.

the fear i want you to learn how to handle, is fear of the unknown type.  meaning on levels of never seen before. today you find yourself standing in a world you have never seen before, not only do you not know what to do next, but you don’t know how to process what you are seeing. this is his strategy. the evil ones want to take you to a place that keeps you so off guard you will be willing to accept things you would have never considered before. any other situation would have been different, but this is outside all i understand. a godlike creature has never walked the planet before demanding such change.

jesus offered a new way of life on a personal level, the antichrist will want the world to do as he says and he will have the full support of the government and all law enforcement agencies, your willingness to not cause problems and wait for the return of life as you once understood will be  your downfall. you must react! you must fight your fear and do what you know is right. you must flee. fight the urge to wait and see, to hold out one minute longer. you must come to terms with what you’re seeing and understand this is real. yes your friends and family are in the wrong mode and can’t be talked out of it. you’re alone like never before and fear is cripples you. pray you way back to strength. GOD give me strength and wisdom in this my time of great need.

one must prepare the mind today to be ready for what is coming tomorrow. fear is your greatest obstacle, many may have to travel alone because you waited until the last day to talk to others. when two people are struck by the same fear at the same time only the one who has thought it out before hand will overcome the min. time to wait is gone! your hope lays in your ability to move and move now!, move as you try to think this through. my safe place i must make it there, then i will plan the next move.

  if no one is there but you, wait for the others, do not go in search of. your life is all you have and all you’re responsible for. this day is like no other. GOD will bring others to comfort you and you to comfort them. you and those around you will have all you need to carry out your tasks, the ability to survive, this is the elect,  your new family, the chosen few…


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