Month: December 2014

well, what about you?

when i ask, what will judgement day look like? i mean to what standard are we being held?

the miles I began to ponder, the hands of time that slowly made a man. GOD’S very own chess board had many names, each player being played against the other. it is not for the weak. inside just one family only one might make it. hold the line and not give an inch.

we know what you will do if someone is watching, but what will you do if no one sees? this was your test, the score soon to be tally up. a master giving the masters test. the rules never changed. do your best and hold that line!

do as you would want done unto you. let the dying and the crying begin, the pain and suffering on levels custom made for each player. it was my brother. my mother, my long lost cousin who did the deed. the tools used were cancer, addiction, lies, the color of my skin. some things played in my favor, others were what seemed like a raw deal, but these are the cards i was dealt and i played them well.

first of all it has to mater, what you ask? everything, every last detail was hand picked and placed on me. my person pushed to the limits. the stakes are real, everything is own the line. i sat everything else down and focused on only one goal, only one possible outcome. HEAVEN,  anything short of that is failure.

anything other than single minded and paying attention to every last detail would be failure. this road called life leads to distance shores, back to where we started. that day in heaven when everyone was ask to chose a side. our life was made by that choice.

do you know where you stand? you should take a look over your life. that is were the answers lay. while you did what you do, now you know why!

welcome home…pass it on if you dare


get the story straight

To help set the record straight,

The Catholic Church was/is the first church to be known as a church, handed to PETER from JESUS himself. Up to that point we had the Torah, the FIRST five books from Moses given to him from GOD himself / the HOLY SPIRIT until JESUS came and fulfilled all THAT WAS WRITTEN and then added too (Jesus was the only man to ever publicly profess to be the son of GOD himself, also the only man to publicly profess that he would be crucified on a cross and raise himself from the dead on the third day) which then HE clearly stated the gates of hell will not prevail against what is written inside these pages until every last word is complete.

THIS TOTAL BOOK (THE HOLY BIBLE) HAS 72 BOOKS, until the reformation in the 1600th century in which martin Luther and others removed 7 complete books, leaving the 66, and called it what most think today is the complete HOLY BIBLE. We all know what it says about anyone removing or adding to what is written inside those covers. Think twice before you stand on which book brings the truth!

Why do Catholics sprinkle water onto a baby’s head? This is them, as the” parents” of the child giving permission to the HOLY SPIRIT to protect this child from all that is evil until the child can be held responsible or accountable for himself and his own actions, then it lays on his shoulders alone.

How is someone born again? One is not born again by repeating a statement from the church leaders, commonly known as the sinner’s prayer. This practice was started in the 1800’s and then brought to adult hood mostly in part by a very famous Billy Graham. I believe he brought this into practice as the only known way to publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ. This practice does no harm, but in no way saves the soul. Let it be known this should be considered day one in your walk with Christ. Day two, one should seek to be Baptized, and then one must be lead, which means to follow his example. His example was perfect, so he shed his blood to cover our mistakes as you continue on a daily basis to perfect your walk. This prayer should be known as your willingness to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead you down this straight and narrow path. You must listen and to the very best of your effort (with all your heart, mind, and soul) make all the needed changes from your old ways (the ways of the world) to your new ways, the ways of the master, PERFECTION. This is a lifelong walk, in which much time is given in talking, reading the bible, understanding, and obeying, the HOLY SPIRIT. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS (GOOD DEEDS) IS WORTHLESS! The ways of the world are as follows: Breaking hearts, stealing, cheating, lying, given false statements, greed, divorce, lust, etc.

What is the difference between sin and inequities? Sin is the unknown act of breaking GOD’S laws. An example of this could be hurting someone’s feelings unwillingly or unknowing. An inequities is the willful and knowing of breaking GOD’S laws. An example of this could be stealing, cheating, etc. knowing what you are doing is wrong, the blood does not cover these, only true repentance and turning from those ways puts you back in the graces of our father. The standard is very high and FEW follow this path. It is very hard to do given our sinful nature. It has to be worked at and we need help from the HOLY SPIRIT himself in most cases, keeping us in constant contact with him.

There is a spiritual battle going on inside our heads as the bible clearly speaks of. The spirit of

GOD (HOLY SPIRIT) and the spirit of the evil ones and then our actions are where the battles are won or lost, yes your actions are who you are and what will be judged, judgment day! Don’t give up or give in, as we grow stronger in our walk and in our faith the choices become clearer and the test becomes harder as we reach for the same perfection and wisdom of our master, he showed us it could be done. The standard is very high and our reward is not of this world. We should pray as to a strong body and mind for ourselves and our children. Our full reward waits where there is no rust or thrives. MAY GOD’S LOVE AND PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL IN THIS ENDURANCE

Final word, either the bible is total and completely true from cover to cover or none of its true. There is no middle ground, if we must find the truth in the bible there is no reason to even look. Written by; Chip griffin on 7-11-2013

hope is alive and well

Chasing grace in a place like this. A few years back I was taken to a ridge and this light pushed her head just out of a cloud. This light the most beautiful purest of white light so very bright but kind to the eyes. As it moved towards me a peace never felt before came over me, I still remember how I no longer felt alone as I become emerged in this light of love, it was then I realized the concept of time and space doesn’t matter all that I found important was now. Tomorrow has been gone and yesterday hasn’t got here yet.

As this light moved away from me and the cloud fell to the floor, the light was all that stood there. The beauty was quite breathe taken. I knew I was looking at the single most beautiful thing one’s eyes could behold. That suddenly nothing else mattered that I had found all that will ever mattered to anyone. I knew not how I got here or how it had came, but all I was sure of is everything we will ever need is here. I am no longer lost, but found. Peace and joy became known for the first time and that I would do anything needed to ensure this would never end.

Suddenly the scene changed and I was standing at a cross street just about sun set. The street names were genesis and Divine. There was only one way in and one way out. I waited until night had completely fallen before I gave up and went back home. Every day since then I would go to that cross street and hope to find her there again, but up to now she has never came back around. The only thing I am sure of is the fact that she exist because I seen her with my own two eyes and felt her love flow inside my bones. This kind of hope is strong enough to endure many storms and to find no job to hard or not worth the time and effort to be able to stand with once again. That maybe heaven is a place we can and will go after the journey is done.

Hope has found a home here with me…

obama made a deal with the devil

wake up chip we need to show you something, what? when? now…


i came too on this long dirt road in what looked like some foreign country, she said, over here, come here now. look and she pointed to a young man standing off in the distances.


it was a very young obama. i said, wow! how you doing this? he looked to be 17 or 18. i was able to walk within fifty feet of him, yet he didn’t knowest me standing there.


about that time a man walked up and began talking with him on a personal level. obama was mad about his people being sick and the rich countries never coming to help. he felt powerless, but the one talking was going to change all that. he needed obama approval.


the deal was made and the rest sits inside the history books. he was raised up to take the greatest country this world would see, too its beging nees and then the blood will flow.


we are to the part where the blood will flow…


obama and those who work for him now, know the task ahead and where we sit in the whole scheme of things.


i had my day too obama, i believe we must teach the people and let them decide for themselves. it looks like they have decided. ok obama GO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TOO QUICKLY.


we will hunt the people who hearts stayed pure and lead them to safety…

DEC 2014

day one facebook dec.5 2014

know most will read what i have written and write it off to another crazy person who has found a computer and that is ok, most are not meant to understand and of those who do, they will find the road hard to walk and even harder to stay on over any length of time. remember the mailbox at the end of the driveway don’t move no matter how deep the snow or how slick the ice. if one should fall down get back up and keep pushing forward. if your goal is to check the mail eventually it will be checked.

 i started my life with one goal and up to now that goal has never changed, I WANTED TO SEE HEAVEN WITH THESE TWO EYES.  everything else has come second. i have spent countless hours learning from my elders, at times must have seemed a hopeless endeavor to them. I am not the smartest knife in the drawer, but my will to complete the task has not failed me as of yet. some things we have to go over many times to ensure my understanding is up to par. i am passing on info that in places is hard to grasp, so i do my best and try to remember others as they didn’t forget or give up on me.

  I get my info in many different forms or ways. dreams, visions, or a straight sit down and talk. the talk is one sided. i am being talked too, not allowed to ask questions, well i can but they are next to never answered. my visions come in the form of a tv, but without the box. in all sizes and shapes. i can be taken away and shown something in real time or in yesterday or tomorrow terms. it appears to really be happening until the room returns to normal. i have had grass grow right out of the floor and found streams cutting through my room. always returning to normal. they have the ability to use all that is known to man and much more as tools of learning. i have seen thing i still don’t know what is was, so i have trouble describing some things. i will do the best i can during those time. i don’t know what questions most people have so i will be answering my own if i hear from noone.

  the angels have the same judgement day coming as we do the only difference between them and you is: all of them know, none are struggling with trying to become believers. they are what i call knowers. two types of angels, those who work for GOD and those who work against him. they have a power scale also, like a big company and many are working to up their status while doing their work on the other side. they can and will lie if it serves the purpose of truth. many struggle with this, i don’t. i tell them if you need me somewhere at a certain time or date tell me whatever you need to to get me there we will talk it out when it is over.

  i get things wrong from time to time, when i figure out what i got wrong i will man up and tell you allowing you to decide if you were told the whole truth. my goal is heaven, myself first and everyone else second. i get rewarded as to those i help find their way. so i have great incentive to stay the course with all of you. those of you who name is in the book will find your way whether with my help of with someone else’s help. GOD personally makes sure every name in the book find their way. there are my paths but only one way to the truth.

  our goal is simple, do what is right under any and all surustrances that is why it is called righteous. if you pray to GOD daily he will respond. try to keep yourself grounded by praying for the right things, such as health, good sense, a happy heart. these are the only things that truly matter. i want to find joy in all i do. when helping others, i always do. please bare with me. i make mistakes and have bad days also.

  ok i believe this covers the basic, now let us move forward…