day one facebook dec.5 2014

know most will read what i have written and write it off to another crazy person who has found a computer and that is ok, most are not meant to understand and of those who do, they will find the road hard to walk and even harder to stay on over any length of time. remember the mailbox at the end of the driveway don’t move no matter how deep the snow or how slick the ice. if one should fall down get back up and keep pushing forward. if your goal is to check the mail eventually it will be checked.

 i started my life with one goal and up to now that goal has never changed, I WANTED TO SEE HEAVEN WITH THESE TWO EYES.  everything else has come second. i have spent countless hours learning from my elders, at times must have seemed a hopeless endeavor to them. I am not the smartest knife in the drawer, but my will to complete the task has not failed me as of yet. some things we have to go over many times to ensure my understanding is up to par. i am passing on info that in places is hard to grasp, so i do my best and try to remember others as they didn’t forget or give up on me.

  I get my info in many different forms or ways. dreams, visions, or a straight sit down and talk. the talk is one sided. i am being talked too, not allowed to ask questions, well i can but they are next to never answered. my visions come in the form of a tv, but without the box. in all sizes and shapes. i can be taken away and shown something in real time or in yesterday or tomorrow terms. it appears to really be happening until the room returns to normal. i have had grass grow right out of the floor and found streams cutting through my room. always returning to normal. they have the ability to use all that is known to man and much more as tools of learning. i have seen thing i still don’t know what is was, so i have trouble describing some things. i will do the best i can during those time. i don’t know what questions most people have so i will be answering my own if i hear from noone.

  the angels have the same judgement day coming as we do the only difference between them and you is: all of them know, none are struggling with trying to become believers. they are what i call knowers. two types of angels, those who work for GOD and those who work against him. they have a power scale also, like a big company and many are working to up their status while doing their work on the other side. they can and will lie if it serves the purpose of truth. many struggle with this, i don’t. i tell them if you need me somewhere at a certain time or date tell me whatever you need to to get me there we will talk it out when it is over.

  i get things wrong from time to time, when i figure out what i got wrong i will man up and tell you allowing you to decide if you were told the whole truth. my goal is heaven, myself first and everyone else second. i get rewarded as to those i help find their way. so i have great incentive to stay the course with all of you. those of you who name is in the book will find your way whether with my help of with someone else’s help. GOD personally makes sure every name in the book find their way. there are my paths but only one way to the truth.

  our goal is simple, do what is right under any and all surustrances that is why it is called righteous. if you pray to GOD daily he will respond. try to keep yourself grounded by praying for the right things, such as health, good sense, a happy heart. these are the only things that truly matter. i want to find joy in all i do. when helping others, i always do. please bare with me. i make mistakes and have bad days also.

  ok i believe this covers the basic, now let us move forward…


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