hope is alive and well

Chasing grace in a place like this. A few years back I was taken to a ridge and this light pushed her head just out of a cloud. This light the most beautiful purest of white light so very bright but kind to the eyes. As it moved towards me a peace never felt before came over me, I still remember how I no longer felt alone as I become emerged in this light of love, it was then I realized the concept of time and space doesn’t matter all that I found important was now. Tomorrow has been gone and yesterday hasn’t got here yet.

As this light moved away from me and the cloud fell to the floor, the light was all that stood there. The beauty was quite breathe taken. I knew I was looking at the single most beautiful thing one’s eyes could behold. That suddenly nothing else mattered that I had found all that will ever mattered to anyone. I knew not how I got here or how it had came, but all I was sure of is everything we will ever need is here. I am no longer lost, but found. Peace and joy became known for the first time and that I would do anything needed to ensure this would never end.

Suddenly the scene changed and I was standing at a cross street just about sun set. The street names were genesis and Divine. There was only one way in and one way out. I waited until night had completely fallen before I gave up and went back home. Every day since then I would go to that cross street and hope to find her there again, but up to now she has never came back around. The only thing I am sure of is the fact that she exist because I seen her with my own two eyes and felt her love flow inside my bones. This kind of hope is strong enough to endure many storms and to find no job to hard or not worth the time and effort to be able to stand with once again. That maybe heaven is a place we can and will go after the journey is done.

Hope has found a home here with me…


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