obama made a deal with the devil

wake up chip we need to show you something, what? when? now…


i came too on this long dirt road in what looked like some foreign country, she said, over here, come here now. look and she pointed to a young man standing off in the distances.


it was a very young obama. i said, wow! how you doing this? he looked to be 17 or 18. i was able to walk within fifty feet of him, yet he didn’t knowest me standing there.


about that time a man walked up and began talking with him on a personal level. obama was mad about his people being sick and the rich countries never coming to help. he felt powerless, but the one talking was going to change all that. he needed obama approval.


the deal was made and the rest sits inside the history books. he was raised up to take the greatest country this world would see, too its beging nees and then the blood will flow.


we are to the part where the blood will flow…


obama and those who work for him now, know the task ahead and where we sit in the whole scheme of things.


i had my day too obama, i believe we must teach the people and let them decide for themselves. it looks like they have decided. ok obama GO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TOO QUICKLY.


we will hunt the people who hearts stayed pure and lead them to safety…

DEC 2014


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