get the story straight

To help set the record straight,

The Catholic Church was/is the first church to be known as a church, handed to PETER from JESUS himself. Up to that point we had the Torah, the FIRST five books from Moses given to him from GOD himself / the HOLY SPIRIT until JESUS came and fulfilled all THAT WAS WRITTEN and then added too (Jesus was the only man to ever publicly profess to be the son of GOD himself, also the only man to publicly profess that he would be crucified on a cross and raise himself from the dead on the third day) which then HE clearly stated the gates of hell will not prevail against what is written inside these pages until every last word is complete.

THIS TOTAL BOOK (THE HOLY BIBLE) HAS 72 BOOKS, until the reformation in the 1600th century in which martin Luther and others removed 7 complete books, leaving the 66, and called it what most think today is the complete HOLY BIBLE. We all know what it says about anyone removing or adding to what is written inside those covers. Think twice before you stand on which book brings the truth!

Why do Catholics sprinkle water onto a baby’s head? This is them, as the” parents” of the child giving permission to the HOLY SPIRIT to protect this child from all that is evil until the child can be held responsible or accountable for himself and his own actions, then it lays on his shoulders alone.

How is someone born again? One is not born again by repeating a statement from the church leaders, commonly known as the sinner’s prayer. This practice was started in the 1800’s and then brought to adult hood mostly in part by a very famous Billy Graham. I believe he brought this into practice as the only known way to publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ. This practice does no harm, but in no way saves the soul. Let it be known this should be considered day one in your walk with Christ. Day two, one should seek to be Baptized, and then one must be lead, which means to follow his example. His example was perfect, so he shed his blood to cover our mistakes as you continue on a daily basis to perfect your walk. This prayer should be known as your willingness to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead you down this straight and narrow path. You must listen and to the very best of your effort (with all your heart, mind, and soul) make all the needed changes from your old ways (the ways of the world) to your new ways, the ways of the master, PERFECTION. This is a lifelong walk, in which much time is given in talking, reading the bible, understanding, and obeying, the HOLY SPIRIT. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS (GOOD DEEDS) IS WORTHLESS! The ways of the world are as follows: Breaking hearts, stealing, cheating, lying, given false statements, greed, divorce, lust, etc.

What is the difference between sin and inequities? Sin is the unknown act of breaking GOD’S laws. An example of this could be hurting someone’s feelings unwillingly or unknowing. An inequities is the willful and knowing of breaking GOD’S laws. An example of this could be stealing, cheating, etc. knowing what you are doing is wrong, the blood does not cover these, only true repentance and turning from those ways puts you back in the graces of our father. The standard is very high and FEW follow this path. It is very hard to do given our sinful nature. It has to be worked at and we need help from the HOLY SPIRIT himself in most cases, keeping us in constant contact with him.

There is a spiritual battle going on inside our heads as the bible clearly speaks of. The spirit of

GOD (HOLY SPIRIT) and the spirit of the evil ones and then our actions are where the battles are won or lost, yes your actions are who you are and what will be judged, judgment day! Don’t give up or give in, as we grow stronger in our walk and in our faith the choices become clearer and the test becomes harder as we reach for the same perfection and wisdom of our master, he showed us it could be done. The standard is very high and our reward is not of this world. We should pray as to a strong body and mind for ourselves and our children. Our full reward waits where there is no rust or thrives. MAY GOD’S LOVE AND PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL IN THIS ENDURANCE

Final word, either the bible is total and completely true from cover to cover or none of its true. There is no middle ground, if we must find the truth in the bible there is no reason to even look. Written by; Chip griffin on 7-11-2013


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