well, what about you?

when i ask, what will judgement day look like? i mean to what standard are we being held?

the miles I began to ponder, the hands of time that slowly made a man. GOD’S very own chess board had many names, each player being played against the other. it is not for the weak. inside just one family only one might make it. hold the line and not give an inch.

we know what you will do if someone is watching, but what will you do if no one sees? this was your test, the score soon to be tally up. a master giving the masters test. the rules never changed. do your best and hold that line!

do as you would want done unto you. let the dying and the crying begin, the pain and suffering on levels custom made for each player. it was my brother. my mother, my long lost cousin who did the deed. the tools used were cancer, addiction, lies, the color of my skin. some things played in my favor, others were what seemed like a raw deal, but these are the cards i was dealt and i played them well.

first of all it has to mater, what you ask? everything, every last detail was hand picked and placed on me. my person pushed to the limits. the stakes are real, everything is own the line. i sat everything else down and focused on only one goal, only one possible outcome. HEAVEN,  anything short of that is failure.

anything other than single minded and paying attention to every last detail would be failure. this road called life leads to distance shores, back to where we started. that day in heaven when everyone was ask to chose a side. our life was made by that choice.

do you know where you stand? you should take a look over your life. that is were the answers lay. while you did what you do, now you know why!

welcome home…pass it on if you dare


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